Speedworld Raceway & Hobbies


Class Rules

All race classes have and will follow MANDATORY race rules. 
See Below for Class Specific Rules

R.O.A.R. Membership requirred http://www.roarracing.com/member/join.php. You can purchase with SpeedWorld at the hobby shop day of race.
R.O.A.R membership – $37.00 dollars to join and $20.00 for each family member, one year membership, membership is good for any R.O.A.R. affiliation R/C  track in the United States . MANADTORY

All participants must wear closed toed shoes at all times……. 

All Touring Nitro and Electric classes will follow and use R.O.A.R. Rules ONLY.
ALL VTA and USGT classes will follow http://www.usvintagetransam.com Rules ONLY.
ALL Formula 1 rubber tire classes will follow http://uf1rc.com/rules-and-regulations/ Rules ONLY.
Formula 1 Foam tire class will run 21.5 motor  blinky or the stock mabuchi motors. (fun class) 
Oval Nitro and Electric Classes: TBA
Off-Road Electric classes: SCT and Buggy 17.5 Blinky ONLY.
racers, you can also find our rules by pointing over the Class Rules Mandatory on left side menu and a pop ups will apear, then you can choose your class for information rules from there. 
IMPORTANT Info: ALL batteries must be charged in a LIPO sack or steel container. Any one that is not charging in lipo sack or steel container will be held responsible for all personal injury and property damages to other parties and SpeedWorld that’s involved.

I will not police this in anyway, so it will be your responsibility to do what you feel what is the right thing to do.


Thank you 
SpeedWorld Staff