About Us

Do you love RC toys, drones, and vehicles the way we do? Or do you want to learn about the RC world because you want to pick up a new cool hobby? Then you found the perfect resource for that, which is right here – at Speed World Race Way.

There is plenty of misinformation about RC drones, toys, and vehicles, which needs to end. That was another motivation for establishing Speed World Race Way. If you are a novice, you will find the information you need about the basics to learn about your new hobby quickly. You will learn how to operate your RC toys and vehicles safely. You will discover the science behind RC vehicles and gadgets, along with the best RC brands and makes reviewed on this site. That way, you will know which brands make to invest not to waste your time and money otherwise. 

There are also helpful tutorials for operating RC drones, cars, helicopters, airplanes, boats, and more. A car enthusiast was the one to establish Speed World Race, and others contribute excellent quality content to the site.  An auto mechanic, auto technician, and automobile hobbyist who can fly RC drones and air vehicles contribute to Speed World Race Way. Learn about each of the contributors by clicking on their bios. 

Founder and Chief Editor

Mitch Tanner

Mitch Tanner was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, and collected toy cars during his youth. He had a collection of over 100 toy cars by the time he was 12 years old. He did not want to become a mechanic, but he wanted to own a business selling car parts and other accessories. Therefore, Mitch decided to go to the University of Oregon to take the Marketing Program, and he earned his Bachelor’s Degree. 

When Mitch was in University, he started racing and found the funds to purchase a 1965 Cadillac and restored it. Then he developed a love for RC cars and other vehicles. After graduation, Mitch found employment as a marketer at a digital marketing agency focused on cars and sports niches. Over time, Mitch desired to establish a resource that had everything to do with RC vehicles. That is when he developed Speed World Race Way and found other enthusiasts to help contribute engaging content. 

Mitch still lives in Portland, and he is married with three kids and a miniature Schnauzer. He is also a sports enthusiast and fitness nut and encourages his kids to participate in different sports. 

Larry Maxwell

Larry Maxwell was born in Columbus, Ohio, and had a knack for cars and fixing broken items. When he was in high school, he began showing an interest in car anatomy and had a friend who was a mechanic that introduced the field to him. Larry enjoyed it and hung around with his friend while he was at work quite often. After learning that mechanics can make plenty of money, Larry knew this was the right job for him. He attended vocational training and became an auto mechanic shortly after. 

Larry now lives in Akron, Ohio, and works as an auto mechanic at a garage not far from where he lives. He is also an active contributor to Speed World Race Way as he also loves RC vehicles and owns plenty of them. He is divorced and has one son who he is hoping will follow in his footsteps. However, Larry will not force it as he understands that it will ultimately be up to his son. Larry also enjoys hosting BBQs for his friends during the summer each weekend and enjoys playing plenty of video games. 

Randy McCain

Randy McCain was born and raised in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and was always much better at the hands-on type of work than academics when he was at school. During his spare time, Randy played around with his favorite remote control Bat-mobile during his youth. When the toy broke, he knew exactly how to fix it. During his high school years, he knew that he wouldn’t go to university since he struggled with academics. However, Randy knew that his path was to fix mechanical items, attend a local college to become an auto technician, and quickly landed a garage job. 

Randy also collects RC vehicles and knows about the best ones to recommend. He also is good when it comes to teaching others how to use RC toys and cars as he contributes to the tutorials and hands-on review sections of Speed World Race Way. 

Randy is married and has two daughters and two German Shepherds. He enjoys the country life and goes horseback riding with his family each weekend as long as the weather allows it. 

Tammy Greene

Tammy Greene was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, and she played with her brother’s toy cars when she was a child. Her parents didn’t understand why she rejected her dolls and preferred to play with her brother’s toys. Tammy used to play in the backyard and enjoyed getting dirty as she played around and had mostly male friends except for one female friend who was a tomboy like her. 

When Tammy was a young teenager, she had a toy airplane that she used to fly during her spare time. She also used to attend automobile shows and went to conventions as she grew into a car enthusiast. Aside from that, Tammy got into the food and catering industry and went to a local college to train in the food industry field. As Tammy was in college, she also started showing an interest in RC drones and RC helicopters. After she finished college, she wanted to fly RC drones and helicopters. She earned her pilot license by going through training and spends a lot of her time flying RC drones and helicopters. Tammy contributes plenty of helpful and excellent quality content to Speed World Race Way’s flight school and other sections. 

Therefore, Tammy works as a cook at a local Halifax restaurant and spends the rest of her time flying RC drones and helicopters. She also has a collection of old cars. That is where her passions lie. 

Tammy attended automobile shows and conventions and eventually showed an interest in RC drones and RC helicopters. After Tammy attended college, she went for separate and additional training to earn her pilot license to fly RC drones and RC helicopters. Her passion and hobbies lie in flying RC drones and helicopters and collecting old cars. Her job consists of cooking at a local restaurant.