Fast RC Boats


If you are a seasoned RC boat enthusiast or someone new to the hobby, there is no hesitation that you are fascinated with a good deal of speed when it comes to your boats. Fast RC boats really fascinate every person, racer or not, who owns an RC boat. Indeed, RC boats, big RC boats or small ones, are genuinely loads of fun, not only for kids but also for adults.

Adrenaline-pumping RC boats that are powerful are durable are commonly considered racing models. If you are not a racer, we guarantee that you will still be able to enjoy tons of fun with powerful and fast RC boats. This post will excite you for all RC boat fans out there who love speed and a good deal of adrenaline rush. This article is mainly about how fast your RC boats go, some factors that can affect their speed, the best RC boats for rough water, and other details and information you might need to know. If you want to know more, then keep your excitements up and read on!

How fast can remote control boats go?

There are different RC boats, and they range from racing models to those types that are just good for some cruising and some lazy days kind of fun. If you are more interested in faster RC boats made for some adrenaline rush, we will be discussing the different types of RC boats and the corresponding speeds that they can achieve. Commonly, the typical RC boat has an average range of 15 to 50 miles per hour, but there are powerful RC boats that can reach a speed of up to 100 miles per hour.

What factors affect RC boat speed?

RC boats are designed to be unique and quite different from each other. Some of those units are great with corners but may affect their overall speed. Many RC boats are indeed a lot faster but turning control can be compromised. So what really is the primary factor that can affect an RC boat’s speed capability? Mostly, it is the type of hull, so here is some information about RC boat hulls that can be helpful for you.


Monoplanes are known to be the most versatile type of hull, although they are not very fast. Remote control boats with monoplane type of hull are the best choice for hobbyists who like to drive on different types of bodies of water. This is because these boats with this type of hull can perform best even on rough water.


Hydroplane RC boats can be categorized into outrigger hydroplanes and full-body hydroplanes. The outrigger ones have a big gap between the main hull and the side-mounted suspensions, and because of this, they can achieve a speed of a hundred miles per hour. However, they can work poorly on rough waters. The full-body hydroplanes are suspended on air cushions. The faster speed they attain and go, the more likely they are to blow over.


These catamarans can achieve impressive speeds, although they can become slower than monoplanes and hydroplanes. However, RC boats with this type of hull have the best ability to do tight turns because of their impressive speed to maneuverability ratio.

Tunnel hulls

Tunnel hulls are the type of hull that can offer extra control even with an exemplary deal of speed. These RC boats are more responsive and adept at turning, but tunnel hulls will not beat the hydroplane when it drives straight. Generally, RC boats with tunnel hulls will not be your first choice if you want to go super fast.

What is the best RC boat for rough water?

Most RC boats are indeed designed to be running on calm and serene waters such as lakes, pools, or ponds. As mentioned above, RC boats that have monoplane hulls are the most versatile and can work very well even on rough waters. It is also good if the RC boat you are using has an anti-capsize technology for more stability and impressive performance on rough waters such as flowing rivers and even the ocean.

How to improve my RC boat’s speed?

The thrust force of your RC boat is directly proportional to the amount of water its propeller can push. So a brilliant and practical thing you can do is replace the stock factory propeller and replace it with a bigger, stronger, and more efficient one. Choose a propeller that is made of lightweight but durable materials so that it will spin faster. You may also want to get the maximum electric power, and to do that, and you will have to connect a polymer lithium battery on a brush-less setup. These batteries can ensure stable power delivery.

Moreover, you can add in a rear spoiler to improve stability and down-force to your boat. This addition will make your boat highly effective at high speed and even in rough waters. Being stable in rough and turbulent water means that your RC boat will have little to no chances of turning over or bouncing out. The most efficient solution is installing a bigger or more powerful motor than the standard ones.

If you don’t have the time and money to upgrade your ere is a quick and easy trick that we would like to share with you. You can simply take your boat and flip it upside down and use a scouring pad to shave or remove the glossy part of the last third of the bottom of your remote control boat. Do not scratch too deeply, do it lightly, just enough to remove the gloss covering the bottom of your boat. What you did was something that could improve your RC boat’s aerodynamics and eventually allow your remote control boat to move faster through the water because there is less resistance holding the boat as it moves.

Honestly, achieving the highest possible speed that your RC boat may attain might be tricky and challenging. You need to have just the right balance between the propeller, the type of hull and its design, gear reduction, batteries, weight distributions, and cooling as well. Additionally, you have to be cautious when it comes to upgrading and installing some modifications since your motor and batteries may not be able to take it and might end up damaging your RC boat.


The excitement that these high-speed RC boats can bring is indeed able to pump your adrenaline and give you excitement like never before. We hope that this article has helped you understand more about fast RC boats, how they work and how you can efficiently improve their speed. Now go and have fun with your exciting, fun, and fast RC boats!