Big RC Boats


During the early 20th century, RC boats have joined other RC vehicles such as cars and drones in the limelight. Since then, they have been a popular hobby for people of all ages, not only for kids but for adults too! Anyone who lives near a body of water or those who have access to water can definitely enjoy an excellent remote-controlled boat.

Since the RC boat industry has grown very popular over the years, many products and manufacturers have also surfaced. This makes shopping for the best RC boat quite challenging and complicated. But do not worry since we are here to help. This post will be talking not only about big RC boats but all RC boats in general. If you want to know more about RC boats, then read on!

Types of RC boats

RC boats come in various types that are readily available in the market today. These different types come with other features and specs as well, therefore providing RC hobbyists more options. Here are the different types of boats that you can easily choose from.

RC boats with camera

This type of RC boat is quite popular, and these are the ones that come with built-in or attachable cameras. This type of RC boat is excellent for those who are into photography and videography as well. This works best for people who want to capture incredible first-person perspective action shots with their boat while moving across the water.

RC Pontoon boats

This type of boat is fit for a slow day where you just want to have an open RC boat driving. RC pontoon boats are relatively slower but still carry tons of fun.

Saltwater RC boats

One essential thing to note is that not all boats can be used in saltwater; a specific type can be driven in one. So, if you think you will be taking your RC boat more to the sea, you should be getting one that is safe for saltwater. Make sure that the materials used are safe for saltwater to avoid damages on your RC boat once you are done racing it through the ocean waves.

Miniature RC boats

As the name implies, miniature RC boats are significantly smaller compared to your standard RC boats. This type can be suitable for kids since they are not that huge, and they can also be used in pools and even bathtubs. They are also great for traveling since they will not be taking up too much space.

RC warships

This type of RC boat is commonly included in every collector’s item. They are RC boats that are modeled from real-life warships. This type of RC boat tends to be massive in size.

The best RC boat to buy

The best RC boat to buy is the one that will fit both your wants and needs. When choosing the best RC boat for you, you have to make sure that you are getting one that will fit your budget and suit your preferences as well. That is why it is vital that you become familiar with the different types and the factors to consider to begin with. The best RC boat is the one that will work best for you.

Things to consider when buying an RC boat

Before you pick out your RC boat, it is essential that you know what you are looking for. Here are some factors that you may want to take into consideration.


Where you will be using your RC boat or the location where you will be taking them should be considered. Not all RC boats are equally made, and they might work differently on various bodies of water too. If you have plans to drive your RC boat out in the ocean or an open sea, you may want to pick something suitable for saltwater and one with more power. A powerful boat can easily navigate through the waves and in difficult weather conditions as well.

The fuel type or power source

Similar to a car, the type of fuel or power source of your boat can vary and affect its performance as well. More RC boats are battery-operated or electric-powered; these boats are great for beginners as well. Other types of fuel include nitro and gas. Larger boats typically run on gas, but this type of power source can be high maintenance for some. If you love speed, nitro is the best fuel type for that; however, this fuel is quite expensive to stock up on.

Powerboats vs. sailboats

The majority of RC boats are powerboats, and they have motors that are being powered by battery or fuel. You may be able to choose from racing powerboats which are used for competitive racing, and sports powerboats that are made mainly for recreational use. Sailboats are those kinds of RC boats that are not powered by a motor; instead, the remote control only serves to move the position of the sails and rudders, with the wind pushing your boat across the water.

Radio control unit

You would definitely want a remote control unit that is functional and very easy to use. Choose a control unit that will allow you maximum control while being user-friendly. It will also be a good idea if your remote control is waterproof too; we would not want a controller that will stop working if it accidentally gets dropped into the water. Also, consider the maneuverability of the RC boat you are choosing. Make sure that they are easy to handle, especially if you are a beginner.

Hull type

Similar to how it is on real and life-size boats, the type of hull on your RC boat can play a significant role in how it works in the water. Most RC boats can have a flat-bottom hull, hydroplane, or monohull. Airboats use a flat-bottom hull and will not typically rely on an RC unit, and they will usually propel themselves forward using a pocket of air. On the other hand, hydroplanes can help significantly reduce the drag on your boat and increase your speed. The monohull ones are the most common type of hull among RC boats.


Some people who desire to buy an RC boat of their own would need to keep a budget in mind. It is crucial that you consider the price of the RC boat and try to get one at the best price there is.

What is a good RC boat?

A good RC boat should be easy to control and will not give you a hard time in looking for a power source. Ultimately, a good RC boat is the one that will fit both your wants and needs. Also, there should be no factor or limitation on your RC boat that will be bothering you in the long run. The good RC boat is the one that you chose for yourself and with no regrets.

Biggest RC boat

The largest RC boat is known to be the German RC Bismarck Battleship. It is a giant RC boat or warship that is built on a 1:50 scale. Watch the video here:

Bottom line

Each RC boat can have its own set of characteristics and specifications together with its advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to choosing big RC boats, you may need to look at many factors other than the size. It is imperative that you get familiar with how an RC boat will work and which type will suit you best. We hope that this post has helped you understand more about RC boats and how cool and awesome they are.