Can A Drone Carry A Beer?

Introduction You are having a barbeque party with your friends, and you went to bring your beer into the house when you had to use the bathroom, and when you went back outside, you forgot to take your beer with you. You suddenly realize that you left the beer on the table, and you do … Read more

Are Drones Illegal In Canada for U.S Citizens?

Introduction If you are an American who wants to visit Canada and take your drone there to capture pictures of some of the incredible scenery, you are not alone. You capture images of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta and British Columbia, urban Toronto, including the CN Tower, the Laurentians, the 1000 Islands near Ottawa, and … Read more

How To Travel On A Plane With A Drone

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Can A Drone Fly In The Wind?

Introduction If you are a drone enthusiast like I am, you may wonder if you can fly your drone in the wind. You know that flying your drone when it is raining or snowing is not a good idea since it is not waterproof and even likely water-resistant enough to keep moisture out of the … Read more

What Are The Reasons Not To Ban Drones?

Introduction Numerous countries ban drones. Though they are becoming more popular, a few people use them for bad intentions and are reckless. Because of this, several countries placed a ban on them, such as Nicaragua. Then some countries such as India allow drones but only among those with permits and licenses. However, aside from that, … Read more