7 Best RC Submarines in 2021

Submariner Camera by Sea Peep Check Latest Price ThorRobotics Underwater mini mariner RC submarine Check Latest Price Jujuism Mini RC submarine Check Latest Price Show Contents Hide Contents Content Radio-controlled submarines are sophisticated and intellectual tech types of equipment. They can be used to find elements out of water bodies and to also carry out ... Read more

How to Make a Snow Plow for an RC Truck

Introduction You possibly have a radio-controlled car, and it is winter, you can’t use your truck the way you usually did because of the snow. You would have at one point thought about solving this problem and getting a snowplow attached to the car to help you plow the snow when you use it outside. … Read more

Where Is Arrma RC Made?

Introduction When searching for a brand of product that is known for super-tough RC action, high-speed, look no further because the Arrma brand has got you. With broad variety of thrilling vehicles that offer the perfect environment where you can experience dirt-blast RC driving, acquire new skills and encourage everyone else to share your love … Read more

Why Won’t My RC Helicopter Lift Off?

INTRODUCTION You may already be aware that before any object can gain height or lift, The gravitational force that pulls the object downwards has to be conquered. These helicopters are able to do this using the application of Bernoulli’s principle. This means that the rotor blades’ rotation produces a lower pressure of air at the … Read more

What Is The Difference Between A Drone an RC Plan?

INTRODUCTION RC plane/helicopter (radio-controlled aircraft or plane) is a portable flying machine that is controlled by an operator, using a remote control/radio transmitter that is handheld. The transmitter will deliver a signal to the receiver (it is in-built to the RC plane), which moves its control levels. Most people consider a drone and an RC … Read more