Can A Drone Carry A Beer?


You are having a barbeque party with your friends, and you went to bring your beer into the house when you had to use the bathroom, and when you went back outside, you forgot to take your beer with you. You suddenly realize that you left the beer on the table, and you do not feel like going back inside of the house to grab it. You also do not feel comfortable asking anyone else to grab you the beer you left inside. Finally, you end up going back into the house to grab your beer on the table, but you also have a drone, and you wonder if that drone that you have may have been able to grab that beer from the table and deliver it to you.

Is Your Drone Capable Of Carrying A Bottle Of Beer?

The good news is that if you have a drone, whether recreational or professional, it can carry a beer. However, keep in mind that if you do this often, it will eventually compromise the battery life. The average bottle or can of beer weighs about close to one pound. Your drone can carry anything half of a pound to four and a half pounds which means it can bring the beer. So, you want to know how you can customize your drone into carrying a beer, so it does not limit the battery life. That way, the next time you forget to take your beer with you when you go to the barbeque party, or if you want to hang outside, you can customize your drone to grab it for you instead of you having to go and get it yourself.

Customizing The Drone Is Essential To Carry A Beer

The bottom line is when you want your drone to grab a beer for you, you do not want it to shake. The ideal drone you want to use for this job is one with gimbal axis stabilization, or the camera will show footage where it is shaky. It is a challenge for a claw or an arm to take a beer, so there are fortunately other ways that your drone can do the job. Therefore, what you can do is get innovative when it comes to priming your drone to begin carrying your beer. Let’s go over some creative methods you can utilize so your drone can save you from having to grab the beer yourself if you leave it elsewhere in the house.

Get Innovative With Your Drone

You can do several things to make your drone pick up the beer quickly. Firstly you can put magnets on top of the beer cans or bottles, which will make the job easier for the drone, so it does not have to grab it with a claw or arm. Then you will have to use a string to tie on the drone, attaching a magnet at the end of the string.

It is essential to know not to tie a long string to the drone because it will move around too much and create problems when it comes to controlling the drone. On the other hand, you also want to connect the string to the center of the drone, so you keep it balanced.

After setting that up, you want to ensure that you set the GPS coordinates on the drone for the location of the beer so you can sit back and allow the drone to take care of the job.

You can also host a barbeque party where you put your drone to work instead of using it to bring a beer back to you that you left on the table or elsewhere. For example, you can place the cooler in a particular area. Then you can set the GPS coordinates to the location of the cooler. You can do so much with your drone that can make the job easier to save you energy from picking small things up in different locations, such as beer.

Are Some Drones Better At Carrying Beer Than Others?

Since a can or a bottle of beer is a small object, there should not be any drone capable of picking those up. Instead, you will have to check with the drone manufacturer if it can pick up things that weigh around one pound, as most can carry anything somewhat heavier than that.

However, there is something to remember. Drones are advancing continuously, and the technology will only keep improving. There will be more things that your drone can carry eventually that go beyond a beer. It may get to a point where it can bring a case of beer over to you. A beer case weighs more than four and a half pounds, which is the maximum weight of what a drone can carry. However, eventually, as drones advance and evolve, they can hold objects heavier than that.

As drones keep advancing, you will find that you will have so many added conveniences as they evolve. That means your drone will be able to bring you anything that you need. However, there is one danger in this: a lack of exercise. So if you are relying on your drone to bring things to you, you have to find time to get moving for the sake of your health.


Since drones are evolving all of the time, you will find that they can bring you items from other locations in your home or office. And if you are outside during a warm summer day and realize that you leave your beer inside the house, you can use your drone to take the beer from your home to bring it to you outside. However, you do not want to rely on the drone’s arm or claw to grab it for you. Instead, you can use a magnet to attach at the end of a string to connect to the drone and tie it to the center, so it remains balanced. That way, you can collect the beer with the drone that way.