DJI Spark Photography


The DJI Spark drone is one of the many awesome drones from DJI, and this one is known for its tiny and lightweight design. Aside from its compact design, this impressive drone is very easy to use, making it a popular choice among beginners and first-time drone pilots. The compact design of this drone also makes a great option for travelers and those drone enthusiasts who are always up for an adventure. It is also equipped with an object detection feature and can accept hand gestures to carry out some basic controls.

In this post, we will be talking about the photography capability and features that the DJI Spark can offer. Included in this post are tips and tricks on how to take awesome photos with the DJI Spark, as well as how you can make the most out of your DJI drone. It is safe to say that the DJI Spark definitely comes with camera features that most people will ever need from a very small, compact, and lightweight drone. So, if you are interested in learning more about DJI Spark Photography, then read on!

DJI Spark

The DJI Spark is known to be the tiny wonder among the DJI drones. It is a lightweight and small yet very impressive drone that you can easily use with its enjoyable features and powerful specifications. As mentioned, the DJI Spark can use its front camera to accept hand gestures to carry out simple and basic controls. Since the DJI Spark is compact and lightweight, it can be easily carried around when traveling or strolling. Despite their small size, the Spark drones are known to be stable and powerful enough to fly with winds with a 12MP camera that lets you capture some beautiful images.

Spark’s HD video camera placed on a two-axis motorized gimbal lets you take some smooth and good videos while retaining image quality. The DJI Spark is an affordable drone that can be perfect for beginners or those still trying to explore drone photography.

Flying your DJI Spark

Flying your DJI Spark is quite simple and straightforward; it features an Owner Mode that utilizes face detection for smartphone-free flying and activating Gesture Mode as well. To start, you want to turn your camera on, hold the camera in front of you, and double-tap its power button. This will let your drone’s camera do a quick scan, locks onto your face, and will eventually start spinning the propellers. Once it feels stable, you can let go, and you will have your drone hovering in front of you.

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Raw photos – Can DJI Spark take raw photos?

When it comes to photography, and as a photographer, the ability to be able to shoot in raw can be essential to the post-processing of a photo. A raw photo is a picture or image being produced by all raw or unprocessed data from the camera sensor. Many photographers prefer raw images since they are ideal for professional editing using the most common applications for photo editing.

Raw photos are truly something that many photographers try to look for, and however, if you are a beginner and can settle with JPEG format, then the DJI Spark will work perfectly fine for you. The DJI Spark drones cannot take raw photos; however, the images straight out of the DJI spark are truly impressive and excellent for image quality and resolution. It has great colors with sharp and vibrant images, and you will still be able to add edits and your presets even if the images are in JPEG. If you want to shoot raw, you may want to check out other DJI drones such as the Phantom, Mavic, Inspire, and others.

How to take pictures using DJI Spark

Taking pictures with the DJI Spark is quite simple; here is a simple and straightforward guide that you can read before you start.

Firing up your DJI Spark drone

Before you start anything, you must know how to power your DJI Spark drone on. Also, make sure that your drone’s battery is fully or adequately charged for your flight. Aside from being knowledgeable about your drone’s start-up operations and technicalities, it is equally important to remember the safety measures as well.

Insert the Micro SD Card

The camera that comes with the DJI Spark has a very detailed quality and will require a MicroSD card to store that full resolution and detail. Without an SD CARD, the Spark will still be able to capture photos and videos from the Livestream into your mobile device, but they will be stored at a lower resolution. That is why putting in a Micro SD card is always a good idea. The slot for your Micro SD card is easily found under the rubber SPARK logo, just above the indicator lights.

Photos or videos

In taking photos, you can use either the remote controller, the application on your phone, or gesture controls if you are facing the drone. When using the remote controller, you just have to be familiar with the buttons or thumbsticks for you to be able to capture photos and record drones easily. If you are using the app on your phone, make sure that you have the camera mode selected, be familiar with the screen controls, and simply press the shutter button to take that beautiful photo. To record a video with the app, choose the video mode and simply press the record button to start recording.

With gesture mode, if you want to move your drone around, you can hold up your palm to the camera and wait for the drone’s front lights to turn green. Moving your hand up and down can raise and lower your drone while moving your hand left or right will help it move from side to side. If you start waving, your DJI Spark will fly away from you or fly backward. To capture a photo, you can make a frame shape using your thumbs and forefingers, and it will automatically snap a photo. To start recording a video, you can simply put your arm out to your side at a 45-degree angle with the ground, and you can start and stop recording. To have your drone return to you, you can put your arm up in a Y-shape and put your hand underneath it so it can land safely on your palm.

Enjoy your DJI Spark

Remember to enjoy, appreciate, and cherish the moments you are taking while capturing them with your DJI Spark.


Like all the other DJI drones, the DJI Spark is indeed a wonder of its own. With its compact and lightweight design, this drone can be easily taken during your trips and vacations to help you make some awesome and great pictures. This drone also gives you good quality JPEG images while being very user-friendly and simple to operate simultaneously. We hope that you enjoyed reading this article as much as we had fun writing this for you.