DJI Spark Upgrades


There are always some ways to make something that is already good become a lot better and improved. The same goes with the DJI Spark drones, and you can always look for upgrades and modifications, which is truly a great idea. However, upgrading something that already seems to be super great and even one of the best can be an arduous task.

The DJI Spark indeed already has unbelievably impressive specifications and features. With its gesture controls, compact and lightweight design, and good camera quality and stabilization, you can undoubtedly say that the DJI Spark is genuinely great, even in its simplest and basic form. However, people will never get tired of finding ways to improve and upgrades; that is what this post is for. You will be able to find several DJI Spark upgrades and modifications in this post that will surely give your drone a run for its money.

How can I improve my DJI Spark signal?

Every drone enthusiast will always desire better range and reliability, which applies to any flying drone. Here is one of the best DJI Spark mods for a better signal that we have discovered, and you may need the remote controller to do this. You may need to disassemble or dismantle your remote control, so you have to be extra careful about this.

You may begin by unscrewing the two screws on the controller’s front part and removing the covers. Pry the front cover carefully through the opening, make sure not to damage the ribbon cable. Remove the two case screws to your left and right and disconnect the small ribbon cables that lead to the joysticks. Make sure that you are not poking too far.

Carefully remove the whole thing, remove the antenna for the WiFi out of the holder, and set it on the outer area. Carefully remove the tape that covers the button board ribbon cable and disconnect the ribbon. After that, remove all screws to take ahold of the button board out of the way and unplug the power harness. Next, you will have to remove the four screws to dismantle the battery box to get down to the u.fl connectors that need to be replaced. Carefully do that by pulling or lifting it straight up and not on an angle. Proceed to trim the lock off the antenna and remove it.

The next thing that you have to do is install your new RP-SMA connectors and brackets. Carefully plug in the new u.fl connectors and route all of the wires neatly. Always make sure that you re-screw everything correctly and securely. Always remember to use the right and safe modification techniques to avoid damaging your DJI Spark.

How do I update the firmware on my DJI Spark?

Here is a helpful guide on how to update the firmware of your DJI Spark with the use of DJI GO 4. Before you upgrade your DJI Spark firmware, make sure you have downloaded the latest DJI GO 4 app from your phone’s app store. Make sure that your battery is fully charged to avoid problems. Also, you have to ensure that your internet connection is stable and that your device is connected to the internet and to the aircraft and the remote control. Additionally, make sure that your DJI Spark and its controller are fully charged as well.

Updating DJI Spark Firmware with the DJI GO Application

  1. Launch or open the DJI GO 4 app on your phone, iPad, or tablet.
  2. Press the “Update now” option at the top left of the screen to access the update firmware screen.
  3. Press or click the blue “Download Now” option to download the latest DJI update directly from DJI.
  4. If the download is already completed, you will be prompted to change to the DJI Spark’s WiFi signal. Proceed to the settings menu and choose your Spark’s WiFi network.
  5. Go back to your DJI GO 4 application on your device and press “Start Update.” Do not close or exit the app or turn off your drone during this process. That is why your devices must be fully charged. After the procedure, your drone will automatically restart.
  6. If your app shows a warning that your WiFi has been disconnected, you can simply go back to your device’s WiFi settings and reconnect your Spark.
  7. Once the update has been completely installed, a prompt will then appear. Press “OK,” and then you will be good to go.
  8. After the update, it is recommended that you manually start your DJI spark before you start flying.
  9. Ensure that the overall status is “Normal” before you start using your Spark.

Is drone fishing legal in Florida?

Drone fishing is commonly used by utilizing a drone to carry hooks and baits out to the desired location to be strategically dropped. Drones will be able to help you get your lures and lines to distances that will not be possible for you to reach on your own. However, drones only place the bait or fishing line and not drag or reel the fish.

Like any other activities requiring drones, drone fishing also has its own sets of rules and regulations. According to the International Game Fish Association, you will be able to use your drone for fishing in Florida if the line used by your device is attached by either a snap or release mechanism. That means it should be released from the drone once the fish will take the bait. Also, it is essential to remember that you might have to register your drone with the FAA before you start.

If you have already registered your drone, it is now time to be familiar and observe the applicable rules and regulations. This is important so that you will not get into trouble. It is imperative to understand that your drones should not be used to reel the fish in; they should only be allowed to bring in or deliver the bait or fish line. Also, you have to ensure that you are using the quick-release method, wherein you attach a hook to the bottom of your drone with the opening facing in an upwards direction. This will not allow sudden detachment of the line from your drone once the fish grabs the bait; instead, it will allow your line to extend further and will allow you to drop it wherever you wish. Another thing that you have to keep in mind is to make sure that the hook you are using will not interfere with any of the sensors and that the line will not affect the blades or rotors of your drone. Before you start with your drone fishing, you have to make sure that you are already familiar, much better, an expert, with how your drone works to avoid further problems and issues.

Florida Fishing: Rules and regulations according to place

If you plan to do drone fishing in any of these areas, you may want to read this information.

Bonita Springs

If you are planning to fish in Bonita Springs, remember that you cannot fly your drone in the Community Park if there are people around. Drones are also not allowed to be used within 25 feet of buildings, people, or power lines to avoid injuries and problems.


In Miami, drones are not allowed to be used within half a mile of sporting events or any other significant event. Drones in Miami are also not allowed to carry any detachable cargo or weapon without acquiring the necessary or specific permits.

Defuniak Springs

Drones are not ultimately allowed to fly over anyone’s property, whether private or public, without asking for permission or obtaining consent.

Orlando Florida

Drones in Orlando should not be allowed to be flying within 500 feet of a gathering of more than a thousand people. It is crucial to secure and obtain a permit. Parks and schools may also fall under these restrictions, so you have to be extra careful.

How do you rig a drone for fishing

Here is a video on how to set up your drone fishing rig.


Upgrading your drone can indeed be very fun and exciting; the upgrading process can give you a sense of accomplishment as well. Indeed drones will be able to do more than just capture memories through photographs and videos. In this post, we have mentioned drone fishing, and I hope that all the information has helped you when it comes to your drone fishing adventures.