Best Flight Simulators


Flight simulator is seen as any mechanical or electronic system used to drill pilots and crew partners by mimicking flight situations. It is also used to make the pilot familiarize himself or herself regarding new modifications to an existing aircraft. Some people have fun by trying out flight simulators.

We all know that the coronavirus pandemic has dramatically disrupted flight activities worldwide. A lot of flight enthusiasts are having a hard time at the moment. Thankfully, there are ways to have the best flight experience comfortably at home via the use of flight simulators.

For those who are aviation enthusiasts, flight simulators seem to be an excellent option during this pandemic. In-flight simulators, you do have the freedom to pilot your most favorite airplane with a real-life cockpit. The other fun parts are that you can do it in well-known airports around the world. You can take off and land in these airports, still experiencing real weather navigation models in the game. All of these are presented in 3d graphics.

If you are interested in obtaining a flight simulator, then you can head into the market as there are plenty of flight simulators that are readily available. These flight simulators come with intricate designs and an authentic steep learning curve; however, others are user-friendly.

Some of these simulators have Virtual Reality (VR) capabilities, while some incorporates combat if battling while flying is your thing.

Best Flight Simulators to Choose

There’s certainly a flight simulator that meets your needs. Some are civil flight simulators during some combat flight simulators. So, whichever one you prefer I am sure you will have a good experience. Here are the top 5 flight simulators for aviation enthusiasts.

Aerofly FS

Aerofly FS has interesting flight simulators that create a high standard on flight physics that are lifelike. The frame rates are smooth, also featuring an incredibly detailed aircraft terrain. In this aviation simulator, 200 various airports are available for flight with different categories of aircraft. There are those for sightseeing like the Robin DR-400. Moreover, If you fancy aerobatics, the extra 330 aircraft is available for use. Now, for high-speed flight, the F-18 is an aircraft that can give you that experience.


This very software offers a worldwide environment. Satellite images obtained from Google Earth alongside several geographical data are used to build this software. The thing is that the graphics do not work seamlessly like the Aerofly FS. There are 20 various aircrafts to choose from while enjoying a real-time atmospheric condition. Besides, 30000 runways are available to use.

Furthermore, a free version allows a massive multiplayer interaction; this means that you get to interact with friends and family members. In real-time, you also get to meet other players who are playing this game. Another fun fact is that this simulator keeps track of all pilots flying a plane through its live map.

It also allows you to explore space and experience what it is like to be there. The maps made available through NASA can guide to the moon and other planets like mars. Meanwhile, the paid offers a better imagery. However, if flying is your major concern, then you can download the free version.


This flight simulator offers a broad variety of aircraft categories and over 20,000 real-world airports. Its platform is highly rated for its realism providing thorough details including all-around aviation controls. The FlightGear also offers the actual time of the day modeling with the heavenly bodies all of which are accurately placed in their respective positions. This feat is obtained by keeping track of your computer’s time, enabling it to position objects in their rightful places around the world.

This flight simulator is open-source, which gives room for players to make unlimited customization for any necessary modifications on the game.


This flight simulator looks a whole lot different from the previous three mentioned. The FlyInside flight simulator is built to give you a virtual reality experience. You can have a real-time experience while flying your favorite plane. You just have to put on the VR headset with this simulator. Another thing to note is that the desktop version of this simulator is also fit for play. However, the VR motion control is best used with a headset. This way, you could have a better flying adventure.

Another exciting thing to enjoy is that you can make the flying experience as realistic as possible. The flight conditions alongside graphics and 3D models are displayed in real form via the physics engine.

Infinite Flight

If you want a flight experience you can carry along to anywhere, the infinite flight simulator is the best option for you. You can install and use its mobile app on both iOS phone and Android phones. Its flight simulator is very immersive. It has different flight locations, aircraft weight configurations, and even other atmospheric conditions.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X

This seems to be one of the best flight simulators available in the market. Its features include navigation, GPS, and airways. Also, it features a total of 18 planes, 24,000 airports, and 28 locations. This simulator provides all kind of flying and adventure. The Eh-101 helicopter and the F/A-18 Hornet are just two out of numerous aircraft that are available for you as a virtual pilot on this simulator.

There are different aircraft roles for players, such as an air traffic controller, pilot, and co-pilot. You can put your skills to the test by completing more than 80 various flight missions.

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

This is a Combat Flight Simulator where players can choose from some of the available advanced war planes. It also presents a realistic view and a 360 degrees’ 3D movement of the action-packed game. Its modeling is authentic and futuristic, and it offers an exciting storyline.

Rise of Flight

This flight simulator is also a combat flight. It offers an advanced flight model, real-world physics, sound, visual effects, and specified 3D models with an advanced progressive damage system. There are multiplayer battles with different play modes and custom scenarios.


As you can see, there are different options for everybody, depending on your choice and budget. You can freely choose from stunt acrobatics, flying games, or war combat. So, boot on your computer or game console and have the opportunity to fly to a different destination anywhere in the world.