How to get a free drone


Getting a free drone might seem to be somewhat impossible for most folks, and this is primarily due to their inability to go about it the right way. Nevertheless, there are several ways you can get drones. You could take a straightforward approach and go right ahead and steal one from a drone store (which is a bad idea). There are several ways you can get a free drone. You can receive one as a gift, win a drone or go to drone shop and fix a bad drone and begin using it.

However, before we explore the different ways you can get a free drone in-depth, let’s establish and understand what a drone is and how it works.

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What is a Drone?

In tech terminology, drones are an unmanned aircraft. They are widely regarded as UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) or better known as UASes (unmanned aircraft systems). Drones are flying robots that are controlled remotely or can be flown autonomously through a software-controlled flight plan embedded in their engineering. They also work with onboard GPS and sensors.

In the past, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles were most commonly connected anything military, where it is used first for target practice for anti-aircraft routines, collection of intelligence and then controversially as a platform for weapons. Today, the use of drones have now extended to a several range of consumer products roles ranging from surveillance, search and rescue, traffic control, weather monitoring and fire fighting, to personal drones and company drone-based imaging, as well as videographer, delivery services and even agriculture.

Brief History

Many trace the roots of drones to Italy in 1849, when Venice battled for its independence from Austria. Austrian soldiers targeted Venice with bombs-equipped hot-air, hydrogen- or helium-filled balloons. The first radio-controlled pilotless aircraft was used in World War I. In the early 1900s, the United States Army came up with an unmanned flying bomb” aircraft, the experimental Kettering Bug, that wasn’t used in battle.

The very first widely deployed drone emerged in the early part of the 1900s as a complete re-engineering practice of the “Queen Bee” biplane, which had been fitted with radio and several controls at the rear of the system. The aircraft could be typically controlled from the seats mostly at the front; nevertheless, it worked uncrewed and was fired at by student- gunners in still in training. The name ‘drone’ can be traced back to its initial in play on the terminology “Queen Bee.”

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle technology proved to be of interest to the military, however, it was also too slow and expensive to use. Since queries over the shooting down of spy planes emerged, the military reviewed the issue of uncrewed aerial vehicles. The adoption of use by military quickly extended to play roles in serving as spy decoys and dropping leaflets. Drones appeared to be a regular feature of the military, playing vital roles in surveillance, intelligence and force protection, artillery spotting, target detection and acquisition, war damage evaluation and detection, as well as in weapons.

Deals where you can get a Free or Cheap Drones

A lot of schools, research programs or non-profits can make use of a decent drone offer to help them make fair use of drones. They may be using drones to spray cities to combat coronavirus. They could be Girl Scouts using drones to learn about STEM—and distribute treats by drones while they’re at it.

Well, you came to this post because you’re trying to get a cheap drone donation or free drone for your cause. Although almost all cause has its own advantages, the hard fact is that not everyone can pull the strings required to get a free drone. Now this is where most would wish they knew the trick to making free drones of by themselves. That said, however, this is our guide to finding free or cheap drones! These three tips will get you a drone deal for free or at a lower price than you will pay at a maximum retail price.

  • Save yourself 10% as Student, by using the DJI Education Discount: The DJI Educational Discount helps consumers with a “.Edu” email address and who accurately fill out the DJI online form to receive a coupon code, usually a 10% discount on a specified group of products from their online site. Products eligible for purchase can be anything from drones such as Mavic Pro, gadgets such as DJI Goggles and – for those who wish to fire from the ground – Osmo Smartphone.
  • Lookout for Promotions and Contests where free drones are involved: A lot of organisations give free drones as incentives to take polls, send reviews, win photo competitions, etc. One of the best places to stay private for drone-related competitions! For instance, Skylogic Research will offer you a free drone as a raffle bonus if you take their survey. Other deals, mostly provided by DJI itself, provide you the opportunity to “test” drones before you purchase them, also you can receive one for two weeks, absolutely free.
  • Lookout for donations from smaller drone companies: Although big players like DJI are overwhelmed by drone donation requests—so you certainly won’t have a lot of success with them—seek out smaller drone firms to support you with your drone-related request. For instance, DroneDeploy, a drone mapping software company, won’t be able to hit you up with a free drone, but they may be able to support you on the technology side. The U.S-based drone software company has conducted voluntary programs, such as partnering with first responders during Hurricane Harvey to assist with flood relief operations in certain regions in the U.S, through its Flylanthropy service, which associates to non-profit agencies with its free software to make drones work well. More information, including contact information, about DroneDeploy Flylanthropy program, can be found on their website. Another option would be the Drone Pilot Ground School program offered online, they offer first time students’ courses for free to students who enrol for and are accepted to a scholarship program for drone, these scholarships are always on. Occasionally, they provide additional cash assistance in addition to free drone access.


Getting a free drone is a matter of your choice because there are free drone giveaways taking place in one company or the other, all you have to do is perform your due diligence in ensuring you find out these offers. Aside from getting these free drones, there are also deals where you get the drones at a relatively cheap and the prices are so low that it’s almost free. Whether you get a very cheap drone or a free drone, the idea is to have your drone perform specific tasks, hence make sure you get a good and durable drone.