How much is a remote control car


No doubt, remote control cars could be an exciting way to have fun; however, they aren’t free. Hence depending on their size and quality, you could purchase a remote control car for as low as $20 – $30, or you can go for the high end models that cost $1000 and above. Thus regardless of the amount of money you spend, you should know that you are not just throwing or wasting your hard-earned cash, because RC cars are worth every penny.

RC cars are in a distinctive group that appeals to a wide variety of individuals. The gas or battery-powered model cars or trucks are controlled from a distance using a specialized transmitter or remote controls are known as RC cars or radio-controlled cars. The trick to finding the perfect Remote control car is to determine whether the vehicle is intended for you or the person you are buying for. So if you’re hunting for one, then we can help you with some pointers in selecting a good RC car on the market.

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What to Consider In a Good Remote Control Car

  • Features: In a typical RC car, one of the most popular features everyone is looking out for is speed, however, after some time; you may begin to pay attention to some other cool features. Moreso, this appears to place one possibility over another.

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  • Construction and Design: While there are many RC cars models and brands available in the market, but by specifying what you like, only then you can make the whole procedure of finding the right one for you a lot simpler.
  • Price: A simple RC car made with durable plastic and gravity sensor control can be purchased for less than $70, whereas a more advanced dual Lopo battery option can sell for more than $1000 and is suitable for any terrain. Since there are so many variations, considering your budget and understanding what you want before making a choice is a smart move.
  • Power: Typically, several prospective buyers hesitate between choosing an electric or a nitro-powered Remote control car. Nonetheless, for you, the best choice depends mostly on what you want from a Remote control car. For example, due to gas and smoke from a nitro engine, the nitro-powered option gives you the feel of a regular car. Moreover, once the fuel is added to the tank, you can move on as quickly and as far as you like.

Due to the high-quality suspension, gas-powered RC cars also allow you to perform some stunts. In the way the gas RC car is powered, there is also an unprecedented degree of precision. All of this helps improve your mechanical abilities in a unique way to automobiles powered by gas. The petrol is always available in an RC hobby shop if you are concerned about how and where to buy petrol, and if there is no one near you, you can always order online.

Models that are electrically powered also offer a lot. One of the main appeals is that, due to their noiseless nature, they can be used indoors. They also have conventional reverse gears and are easy to maintain. Thanks to the LiPO battery that provides a brushless motor, you can easily personalize them for more incredible speed.

  • Size: The size of the RC car also matters. From the car’s lip tip to the rear end, the dimensions are generally calculated. What you have to know is that sometimes, the RC cars are a reflection of actual car size.


Remote control cars are an excellent buy for anyone who enjoys the thrill of having them. Also, it is considered beneficial primarily if you use them as a hobby. Thus anything that you like to spend your time enjoying would be regarded as a good investment.