100mph and 200mph RC Cars


It is true that even as an adult, fast RC cars will be able to give you the enjoyment of the thrill and excitement with just a tiny version of a cool-looking car. RC cars have been known to be a toy for kids and young ones, but we are glad to tell you that RC cars have considerably evolved over the years. There have been tons of RC cars that can be enjoyed by hobbyists and adults as well. These RC cars tend to be a lot faster, versatile, and high-powered to last long hours of fun and RC driving.

Adults tend to be more up for a challenge and would love to have RC cars that boast impressive speed and design. If you are someone who is still planning to get into RC car driving or already on the scene and trying to know more about the faster ones, then you are on the right page. This post will mainly cover RC cars’ speed, the fastest one, and some tips and tricks on making your RC car faster than it already is. So, if you are very much interested, then read on!

The fastest RC car

Fast cars are genuinely astonishing, but so are the remote-controlled ones. RC car enthusiasts tend to find an RC car with high-speed features that are versatile and easily controlled. Here are the fastest RC cars that you can see in the market today.

100mph RC car

The Traxxas XO-1 is considered to be the fastest 100mph RC car out there. With its ability to go from 0 to 100mph in just five seconds, it is no surprise why this mighty RC car is considered the supercar of all RC cars. The XO-1 is a 1/7 scaled RC car that weighs about 13 lbs that needs two 3S 5000-mAh Li-Po battery packs to power its Big Block electric motor. Despite its top-speed and brutal acceleration, the Traxxas XO-1 is known to have smooth and easy-to-control steering, which many RC car enthusiasts love.

Appearance-wise, this fast 100mph RC car is really impressive too. It has an aerodynamically optimized body kit to make it more stable, even at high speeds. Its body kit makes it look like a miniature Zenvo, making it look cool and awesome. Additionally, even with just the standard gearing in action, the XO-1 can definitely go very fast; imagine what modification can do to improve its speed. The cost of this car ranges from $900 to $1,200.

200mph RC car

The fastest 200mph RC car was created by a man named Nic Case, and he got into this hobby after a motorcycle crash. This RC Car, which he called “The Bullet”, features a streamliner design layout to eliminate suspension completely. This car was able to reach 202mph with a very impressive acceleration. The Bullet is made with industrial drive belts, custom carbon-fiber wheels, Dinogy Li batteries, Neu motor, carbon-fiber chassis, a Castle Hydra HV 240 power system with a Phoenix HV 110 control board, and an excellent transmitter and receiver. The engineering design and challenges are similar to those “life-size” land speed cars, power, weight, and air resistance that all factor into the speed potential of the Bullet.

When driving the Bullet, it is vital that you are sure to go straight before you want to go full-speed with the car. The steering might be a challenge for beginners, and you may need to decelerate hard in a pretty confident way. Since this RC car is pretty fast, Case added a gyroscope-based steering-correction system that is commonly found in remote-control helicopters. This 200mph RC car costs an average of $4,000 to $5,000.

Hobby vs Modified RC Cars

Nowadays, there have been lots of RC cars surfacing in the market, and many of them are created and designed for different purposes and reasons. Typically, a standard hobby RC car can reach an average speed of 70mph. This is what you can normally buy at RC car stores without the goal to go top-speed. A specialized high-speed car or the modified RC cars can reach speeds of over 100mph, and you can still improve that with further modification.

When choosing RC cars, you may find a “scale speed” on the descriptions being displayed. You might want to take note that scale speed is different from the actual speed. The actual speed refers to the actual speed which your RC car is capable of reaching; scale speed, on the other hand, is the speed in relation to the existing full-sized model of your RC car.

Making my RC car a lot faster

There will always be limitations as to what maximum speed will your RC car be capable of reaching, which is why it is imperative for you to know and determine your options and goals when purchasing an RC car. However, if you have already chosen or bought an RC car, there are excellent and effective ways to make your RC car go faster through modification. You can do these easy steps:

Alter your gears

Changing or modifying your pinion gear or spur gear is a straightforward way to upgrade your RC car’s speed and overall performance. You will want to choose the smallest pinion gear paired with the most oversized spur gear if you’re going to increase and improve the acceleration. If you prefer slower acceleration coupled with faster overall speed, you can go for the most oversized pinion gear and smallest spur gear.

Switch up the motor

If your RC car has a brushed motor, it will have a slightly more low power efficiency because of the friction inside the motor while it is on a drive. If you want more efficient results, you may want to switch to a brushless motor.

Final thoughts

RC cars are definitely not just for kids but a good hobby for adults too. With the many options you can choose from, there will surely be an RC car that will satisfy your high-speed and RC drifting‘ goals. We hope that this article has helped you with the information you needed about the fastest RC cars you want to know. Indeed, the fun, thrill, and excitement that RC cars can bring is intense yet packed in a small car but with big performances.