3DR Solo Drone Range


Drones are something that many people should be thankful for; they help you take some good aerial shots, aid in surveillance work and just lets you take a look around in a bird’s eye view. The introduction of drones has made a lot of good contributions, especially when it comes to photography and videography. However, to be able to get efficient results from a drone, you must also be able to control it comfortably and at ease. However, some drones can be complicated and would require quite an experience. But with the 3DR Solo drone can be easy and straightforward with great features and controls. The simplicity and its capability make the 3DR Solo an interesting drone to invest in.

This post will discuss the 3DR Solo drone, its range, battery life, and all other fantastic features and specifications that you may be eager to know. This drone is relatively simple to use; you just want to connect the batteries, start it up, set up the controller, and launch the mobile application on your phone, and then you will be all set. To know more about this fascinating drone, read on.

The 3DR Solo

The 3DR Solo was known to be one of the best drones out there. This powerful and amazing drone was made to carry a GoPro with its 3-axis stabilized gimbal and high-quality peripherals to enhance the flight. The 3DR Solo has huge and high-powered motors. It also comes with a rechargeable battery and a versatile payload mount. It also comes with a sturdy and durable build and plastic housing that carries small LED lights on every corner. It also has sturdy and steady landing gear.

Indeed, the 3DR is a very stable drone that hovers well and flies pretty smoothly and super easy to control as well. The 3DR Solo also has various flight modes that will be able to provide advanced with complete manual control or assisted control over the drone’s flight. Basically, this drone can offer a full spectrum of flight options for you. This drone lets you take full and unrestricted manual control or an automated flight, whichever you would like.

3DR Solo range – How far can a 3DR Solo fly?

The range of the 3DR Solo is quite good, and it has a maximum distance of about half a mile. Some drones have broader or longer ranges, but the 3DR has more than enough range for what we need. The 3DR may be challenging to be visualized at a distance of a quarter-mile; however, the live 720p HD video feed will stay connected on the controller at twice the space if you fly the drone out in an open field. Also, you will not have to worry about losing connection or contact since the 3DR will automatically fly back to its base or home position, and you can quickly regain control when it gets back within range.

3DR Solo’s battery life and charging time

The 3DR is nicely equipped with a rechargeable 5,200 mAh 14.8Vdc lithium-ion battery. This power-packed battery gives the 3DR a flight time of 25 minutes without the camera and around 20 minutes with it. The battery will take an hour and 35 minutes to recharge, so if you plan to have some severe drone flying or plan to have a good deal of aerial shots and videography, you might want to buy a few extra ones. In that way, you can easily replace or change them so that you can resume quickly where your drone left off.

Piloting and control

When it comes to piloting and control, the 3DR Solo shows one of the simplest, effortless, and straightforward flying experiences that you can experience. It has a suitable controller that makes piloting essentially easy and familiar for the users. As mentioned above, the drone also has an autonomous flight mode that can allow you to do complicated maneuvers. Typically, the 3DR Solo is a drone that everyone can use. The controller of the 3DR is as essential as it looks; it only has two joysticks for controlling roll, yaw, pitch, and accelerator. There is also a button for flying for automated launch and landing, amazingly it even has a “Return to Home” button and a knob to easily control the angle and positioning of the camera. Additionally, the controller features customizable buttons that can efficiently be utilized to activate autonomous flight modes and a pause button that acts as a brake.

Bottom line

There may be other better drones in comparison to the 3DR, but the Solo definitely has tons of positives that outweigh the negatives. The drone is very durable and built with high-quality materials, making the Solo very reliable and stable during flight. This drone is also relatively easy to pilot and work with because of its user-friendly controls and straightforward operation that allows even beginners to fly the 3DR comfortably. Other than its impressive range and good battery life, the 3DR Solo is also designed to accommodate a wide variety of upgrades and improvements. This is truly a drone for everybody and will let you capture perfect aerial photos and do stunning aerial videography as well.