1:10 vs 1:12 vs 1:16 vs 1:18 Scale RC Drift Cars


Breaking into the world of RC drift cars can be very fun and exciting, and that is true for adults as well. RC drifting is one of the growing and famous areas of RC cars out there. Many people enjoy RC drift cars because of the thrill to drift your RC car around the track with its realistic-looking scale and appearance. Having an RC drift can surely give you the fun and excitement you have experienced as a kind but more complicated and advanced.

This post will be about the different sizes and scaling of RC drift cars and all there is to know about them. So if you are still planning to buy one or want to try other scales of RC drift cars, then read on.

RC drift cars

RC drift cars are remote-controlled cars that can be drifted, like a way a real car would. They are known for their characteristic balance with impressive speed and control. Many RC cars are readily available as drift cars; however, a highly customizable car may be required for advanced RC drifters. A customized RC drift car will be able to let you set up or even improve the steering, power, suspension, and speed of your RC car. When it comes to drift racing, the tires in the rear side of your RC car will slide, making the car drift sideways around the track. Therefore, the most crucial factor that should be considered and kept in practice in RC car drift racing is to be able to maintain even a very high level of speed with optimal control.

How do you drift a remote control car?

Drifting a remote control car is much of a thrill and can be a lot of fun. In order to be able to drift your RC car, you might need to customize your RC car or buy one that is already made for drifting. It is crucial that you will be comfortable with how fast your RC car runs or be familiar with how strong the brakes are, make sure that your tires are good, and how the steering works. Getting to know your RC car is one of the significant steps to start with when learning how to drift it.

Here are some videos about lessons on how to drift your RC car.

Practice and training for beginners

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

What is the best RC drift car for beginners?

RC drift cars that are made for drifting can be nitro-fueled or electric. They come with tires that do not have a firm grip so that they can easily swivel and drift. As a beginner in RC car drifting, the first thing that you might want to work with is a realistic budget that can work for you. Getting into remote-controlled drift cars can indeed be really fun and expensive as well. That is why it is relatively significant to be sure about what you want and what you should be buying if you’re going to start RC car drifting. There are tons of good RC drift cars that you can buy off from trusted stores, and they usually come as ready-to-run RC cars, RC car kits, and chassis. We will be describing each type of RC drift cars so that you will be able to identify which one will fit perfectly for you.

Scale and speed

RC cars come in different sizes or scales that you can freely choose from. Commonly, most people are inclined to buy the 1/10th scale RC car since they are considered standard ones. However, if you are looking to buy a much smaller alternative, we would suggest you to the 1/18th scale RC drift car.

Actual speed

The actual speed refers to how fast your Rin C drift car can go. Hobby-grade RCs are generally faster in comparison to toy-grade ones. The electric RC drift cars are generally much faster when modified to be able to reach optimum speed; however, the nitro ones are the fastest.

Scale speed

The scale speed measures how fast your RC drift car can go, which is related to its full-size model. For instance, a 1:10 scale RC drift car can go about one-tenth the speed of the full-scale vehicle that it was modelled after.

Speed and size

The relationship of the size and scale of an RC drift car when it comes to the scale and actual speed may not always be accurate. RC cars can be much slower, especially those that are made for kids. That is why those who would like to venture into RC car drifting will always find a specific RC drift car of that particular scale. Some would even make some efforts on modifying their RC cars to make the speed a lot faster than it already is.


There can indeed be many things to look at when you are in the world of RC car drifting. For beginners, knowing the things that you might need to consider, such as the scaling, sizes, types, and budget for an RC drift car, is indeed very important. We prepared this article with the goal to give you an understanding of what you will be getting into once you start a new hobby of RC car drifting. We hope that this post has helped you gain knowledge of the essential things you would want to know about RC drift cars.