Can A Drone Lift A Dog?


You love your dog, and your dog gives you so much love and affection. And you want to do everything you can to make your dog happy and provide him or her with so much fun and stimulation. However, what would your dog see as fun, and what would it believe something scary happening? So let’s get more specific with that query. How would your dog react if your drone lifted it? Would your dog love the ride? Or would the ride frighten them? It all depends on how your drone lifts the dog. However, here is the first query to ask, and that is, can your drone even lift a dog?

Yes, Your Drone Can Lift A Dog With A Caveat

If you want to know if your recreational drone can lift a dog, yes, it can, but here is the thing. Your drone cannot lift anything heavier than four and a half pounds, and that means if you want your drone to lift a dog, the dog has to be a small breed that weighs less than that weight. Therefore, your drone cannot lift larger breeds. However, other drones can carry heavier weights to carry larger dog breeds. So now you know that your drone can hold a dog. The next query is, is it a good idea to program your drone to carry Fido?

Is It Safe For Your Drone To Carry Your Dog?

Now you know that your drone can carry a dog, and other drones can carry larger dogs, it is not safe. Yes, your dog needs fun and excitement, and roughhousing is acceptable as long as the dog is healthy. However, carrying your dog with a drone is entirely a different situation. It is unsafe to do because it can cause havoc when the drone carries the dog and flies away. Is it likely that you own a professional drone and can carry heavier objects with it? Probably not.

The only times when it is appropriate to lift a dog with a drone is if there is engagement involving the dog and a search and rescue team power up a drone to carry the dog to safety. That work is not for fun, and you have a recreational drone because it is fun for you.

Even though your drone can technically carry a small dog that weighs less than four and a half pounds, it is not morally okay to do that. Like you, dogs are fragile creatures with emotions and feelings, and I do. That would be pretty traumatic if you attempt to carry your dog with a drone for fun. You do not want to do that to Fido!

When the search and rescue team or other professionals have to use drones to take the dog away for safety reasons, it is one thing. Yes, that can be just as traumatic for Fido, but there is a good reason behind that. The drone is there to save the dog’s life. If someone wants to use their drone to lift a dog for recreational reasons, that is not cute or funny. Therefore, as the saying goes, just because you technically can do something does not mean you should. However, just because lifting a dog with a drone is a terrible idea, you can involve your drone and your dog in other ways, such as walking your dog!

Your Drone Can Walk Your Dog

Drones are becoming a part of everyday life more and more. Therefore, you see drones that do daily deliveries and clean windows. However, there is no reason that your drone cannot walk your dog. You can program your drone to fly in a low setting in an area where it can walk your dog if you do not have the time. That is another way that drones can make your life more convenient. Even though walking your dog is one of the best ways to bond with your pup, and it is also a great way to get some exercise, there are times when you are too busy to the point that you cannot take your dog out for a walk.

Therefore, you can count on your drone to carry out this job. And the British online retailer Drones Direct will begin making drones that will walk your dog. That drone is the DJI Phantom 4 model and will cost around $2.600. Additionally, it features technology to avoid obstacles so no accidents will happen that can involve your dog. Additionally, it will have a retractable leash, so you do not have to attach the leash to the drone as you would with the drone you currently have.

It will likely sell well because many people are busy with full-time jobs and will not have the time to take their dogs out even if they work from home. In addition, the last thing that many people want to do after coming home from work or working for a long day is to face another responsibility of walking their dog. The other significant advantage of this particular drone is that it will also prevent drone-related accidents that can now happen to dog walking. Therefore, dog owners that work often and don’t have much time otherwise will gladly spend the money to invest in this dog-walking drone.


Can your drone‘ lift your dog? If you have a small dog that weighs less than four and a half pounds, you can technically. But does that mean you should pick up your dog with a drone and carry it? Dogs have feelings like you, and the dog and I would not like it. That could traumatize Fido; therefore, just because you technically can carry a dog with your drone as long as it is small does not mean you should.

Rescue and emergency teams have drones that can carry larger dogs when they are in disastrous situations, and that is the only time it is reasonable to carry a dog with a drone. However, what you can do instead is walk your dog with a drone, and soon a British online retailer, Drones Direct, will sell drones specific to walking dogs. Therefore, dog-walking drones will become a thing and can be a blessing to busy dog owners who don’t have time to do the job!