Air Hogs X-Wing Fighter


For all the Star Wars fans out there, you may already be familiar with the Air Hogs X-Wing fighter. Luke Skywalker used the X-wing fighter to destroy the first Death Star, and this aircraft has long been used by the rebels or the Resistance fighters in Star Wars films from the very beginning, no wonder why the X-Wing fighter is very famous with a name and a toy version of its own.

In this post, we will be talking about the remote control version of the Air Hogs X-Wing and the possibilities of flying if the Air Hogs X-Wing was a real thing. So if you love Star Wars or the aircraft starring in it, then you might love reading this post too! So sit back, relax, and enjoy the information you are about to know about the famous Air Hogs X-Wing fighter.

Flying the Air Hogs Star Wars RC X-Wing Fighter

The Air Hogs is basically made out of foam, and it may look a bit wobbly and flimsy; it is actually very durable. The paint job on the RC X-wing unit is quite impressive; it looks just like how it looked in the films – looking excellent with battle scars and signs of being used in so many battles. The details are indeed very intricate, and there is even an R2-D2 tiny model sitting on top. The Air Hogs X-Wing is built with a gyro-stabilized X-wing drone with a 200-foot range.

You will need six pieces of AA batteries and a screwdriver to open the battery compartment for the controller. You will also be able to charge your Air Hogs X-Wing fighter through the use of the controller. To charge your X-Wing, you can find a hatch on the bottom right portion of your controller, open it to reveal a charging cable. You will need to plug that cable into the X-wing and then a Micro USB cable into the remote control.

How do you fly the Air Hogs X-Wing?

You will be able to fly the Air Hogs X-wing with the use of remote control that sized just right, with controls for steering and thrust. There is also a tiny knob on the bottom part of the controller that is used to switch between turning and drifting. As you can see, controls are fundamental and straightforward. Therefore, you can easily pilot this RC aircraft using this controller, and even kids can do it without any problems too! Ait Hogs have been known to produce RC aircraft fighters that deliver smooth and high-performance flights.

Flying this bad boy can be tricky since, in order to be able to fly the X-Wing, you will have to launch it in the air with one hand while the other hand is manning the remote controller. Once your Air Hogs X-Wing is launched in the air, you will have to work on the steering control to maneuver your aircraft quickly. The problem is, you will have to great hand and eye coordination to make this work. During your first tries, you might just be able to fly the X-Wing for a few feet and experience a lot of crashes. It’s a good thing that the Air Hogs X-Wing is quite durable since they can truly crash and land during the first few tries.

When trying out to fly the Air Hogs X-Wing, we suggest that you do it outdoors so that you can have tons of space to practice. However, you have to be careful if it is windy outside. The Air Hogs is known to be used in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Can the Air Hogs Star Wars X-Wing actually fly?

The capability of the Air Hogs to be able to fly if it was a real and life-size aircraft became a controversy, and many people have taken an interest in finding out the answer. It is true that the X-Wing Fighter looks sleek and awesome in the Star Wars movie, but are they realistic? An aerospace engineer has answered this question, and we will be happy to lay out the answers for you.

When looking at the aircraft’s basic design, the answer is, yes, it can definitely fly. With is blended wing body style plane. Because of the modern and high technology, you will be able to control this plane; however, if we talk about basic controls, it can be challenging to fly since it is not a naturally stable structure without tailoring forward lifting surfaces. Some military fighters and blended wing bodies require computers and advanced technology to keep the aircraft stable and flying. However, the design of the Air Hogs X-Wing is not very aerodynamic because of the intersections at the fuselage. Those intersections will result in too much drag due to interfering aerodynamics. With this being said, maneuvering the X-wing Fighter can be a tad bit difficult. The square wing cross-section and all that hardware that sticks out of the wing surface would definitely require fixing or adjustment to reduce drag.

So, to sum it all up, if the X-Wing was real, it can definitely fly. However, flying this supposedly complicated and fast aircraft would require high-technology, computers, and a well-experienced pilot, even with aircraft that are difficult to maneuver.

Final thoughts

We hope that you enjoyed reading this post about the Air Hogs X-Wing Fighter as much as we enjoyed writing it for you. After all, may the force be with you!