7 Best RC Submarines in 2021

Submariner Camera by Sea Peep

ThorRobotics Underwater mini mariner RC submarine

Jujuism Mini RC submarine

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Radio-controlled submarines are sophisticated and intellectual tech types of equipment. They can be used to find elements out of water bodies and to also carry out other aqua research and surveys. It is very common to find them used by oceanographers for research and other aqua studies. They are built with sophisticated and high techs to carry out these purposes. There are RC submarines fpv(first-person view) which allows you to have a clear view and study of water bodies. They serve as alternatives to aqua researchers having to go underwater to do their surveys and research works. With these RC submarines, oceanographers and other persons alike can easily take a look at water bodies and do their studies. These RC submarines are controlled to go underwater to take quality and clear footage of whatever study is needed for whichever purpose(s).

Rc submarines can also be used by the military for specific purposes. Here, they engage the RC submarines with torpedoes. These types of RC submarines have torpedoes which detonate upon contact with a target or by the press of a button. The torpedoes are usually added to the build of the RC submarines for this type of purpose.

The Seven Best RC Submarines Are Reviewed Below

What else? RC submarines can also be bought as toys for your child. They make a good companion. More so, your child can learn a lot from the way they are built, improving his or her cognition. There is a DIY( Do it yourself) feature of some RC submarines.

Out there are various RC submarines, but you might not know which ones are the best. You would agree with me that you should get the best in order to achieve your purpose(s)-this guide would give a thorough review of the best RC submarines you can get out there. It would give you a reliable guide on RC submarine fpv, gas-powered RC submarines, and the best types of RC submarines for specific purposes like fishing and all.


Submariner Camera by Sea Peep

The Submariner camera by Sea Peep is quality and top-notch RC submarine. It’s an ideal RC submarine for fishing. It suits your fishing and aqua purposes so well, as it’s easy to maneuver and control underwater. The RC submarine can easily with no technical issues and problems dive in the water, move, levitate, rotate, and also trim. The RC submarine is LED compatible and controlled. It makes it possible for it to support photo shooting, producing bright and sharp footage. More so, it has an attractive feeder which makes it easy to use for fishing purposes. Additionally RC submarine fpv is enhanced by an attractive feeder which does a lot to attract fishes so you can take clear and sharp footage.

All these features make this RC submarine compatible with fish tanks, especially those with controlling ranges of 2m. The submarine is just right for you to get a clear picture and study of a fish. Then, you can easily bag it as it’s very portable. It is one of the top options when it comes to the best RC submarines.

Key Features:

  • 30 Million Pixels
  • 256MB built-in memory
  • 360° rotation for better footage


  • • Brand: Sea-Peep
  • • Model: Submariner Camera by Sea-Peep
  • Clear and sharp footage
  • Ability to levitate and emerge underwater
  • Very portable
  • User’s guide issues


ThorRobotics Underwater mini mariner RC submarine

The ThorRobotics RC submarine is one of the best RC submarines. The RC submarine produces quality footage for your desired purpose. It is equipped with a quality HD camera which gives you sharp and clear pictures. The much more interesting thing about this submarine is its depth strength. It can go as deep as 3metres underwater, giving you below-the-surface footage. ThorRobotics submarine also has a wireless connection which allows you to easily transfer video footage and pictures. Most times, oceanographers are always having a tough time transferring the footage to their devices. But with this RC submarine, they can easily transfer them wirelessly.

With the brushless motor and LED lights, you are assured of a seamless and itch-free study. The brushless motor allows the RC submarine to move smoothly underwater. More so, this submarine type can be controlled from a distance of 100m. You do not have to worry about signal loss. Amazing!

Key Features:

  • • Strong brushless motor
  • • HD Camera
  • • LED lights


  • Brand: ThorRobotics
  • Model: ThorRobotics Underwater mini mariner RC submarine
  • Can be controlled from a distance of 100m
  • Seamless movement
  • Can go as deep as 3metres
  • Unclear User’s guide
  • Quite too expensive


Jujuism Mini RC submarine

The uniqueness of this particular RC submarine is in its RC submarine parts. All parts of it are uniquely designed to serve its purpose in the best way possible. It has unique ABS plastic parts that make it waterproof. The parts of this submarine are built for smooth control. It has a 6-channel design that allows you to move the RC submarine forward, backward, left or right, and also to dive and surface. It has a middle propeller that enables the whole submarine to dive in water and float on top of it. Additionally, it also has a back propeller which controls it’s backward, forward, left and right movements.

More so, jujuism RC submarine has a rechargeable battery for Long term uses- you can charge multiple times. The submarine also has double LED lights for better vision and footage. It makes the RC submarine useful at night, the LED lights are bright and sharp. Super RC submarine!

Key Features:

  • High simulation submarine
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Waterproof build


  • Brand: Jujuism
  • Model: Jujuism mini RC submarine
  • It has double LED lights for better and clearer vision even in the dark
  • Middle propeller to dive in water and float on it
  • It has a 6-channel movement design
  • Range problem


German Bismarck military battleship cruiser

The German bismarck military battleship cruiser submarine is modeled after the famous German Bismarck submarine. It is unique for its full function remote control. It has a double propeller for fast movement underwater. German Bismarck submarine is stylish in its design, as it boasts of a glossy and fancy exterior and build. It has a touch switch and a small cannon to add to its stylish and fanciful build.

You also do not have to worry about assembling the German Bismarck submarine parts together- It’s already pre-assembled and ready to run. All you just have to do is to connect the remote and use it. The RTR(ready to run) function makes it a go-to option. The submarine has an air bleed hole to avoid sinking. With the air bleed holes, the RC submarine is steadied.

Key Features:

  • Double propeller
  • Full function radio controlled
  • Ready to run


  • Model: German Bismarck military battleship cruiser RC
  • Double propeller enhances fast movement underwater
  • Air bleed hole to avoid sinking
  • Colors vary too often
  • Durability


Jimfoty mini RC submarine

The RC submarine is unique because of its

DIYmode and this makes it very suitable brain-building equipment for your child. The DIY mode can be used to test your child’s ability to use his or her hands and brains, fostering intellectual and cognitive build. With this RC submarine, your child can easily study the underwater movement through the DIY mode. It’s one of the straight forward and easy-to-use submarines out there.

More so, this RC submarine works on strong electrons. You can rely on its durability. It also has the ability to move seamlessly underwater. It can also properly place itself to stay afloat. It’s indeed a worthy RC submarine and brain-builder for your child. Brilliant product and one of the best RC submarines.

Key Features:

  • DIY mode
  • Electron powered


  • Brand: Jimfoty
  • Model: Jimfoty mini RC submarine
  • It has a DIY mode which is ideal for intellectual and machine learning
  • The antenna is easily affected


Aquabotix Hydrowater Submarine

Aquabotix hydrometer submarine is a classy and sophisticated RC submarine. It’s loaded with high tech which makes it a top pick for aqua researchers. The RC submarine a radio-controlled and gas-powered RC submarine, fantastic! With this RC submarine, you get to explore and expand on various aqua bodies with bright and clear footage. This submarine has both ROV and AUV modes, solving single-person needs. The torpedo-shaped look adds to the finesse and style.

What is more amazing? The RC submarine solves the problem of signals. It has its own deployable wifi. You do not have to worry about signal issues. Its sensors are easily configurable and easy to disable. It also has five motors to enhance its performance and movement.

Aquabotix hydrometer RC submarine is just perfect for high-tech purposes. If you really want to do some thorough aqua research, get this!

Key Features:

  • ROV and AUV modes
  • Five motors
  • In-built wifi system


  • Brand: Aquabotix
  • Model: Aquabotix hydrometer submarine
  • Strong signals
  • Single person use is top-notch
  • High tech
  • The high tech might be complicated for non-tech users


Silverlit spy cam RC submarine

This is yet another high-tech RC submarine for your aqua research purposes. It works very effectively. It can seamlessly move underwater for your aqua study. And this RC submarine is suitable for fish tanks and freshwater alike. It has a sharp and clear LED light in order for you to have clear and bright footage. Silverlit submarine can also move in different directions underwater. More so, the submarine has a detachable feeder arm. With this, you can get a clearer picture of the fishes and aqua bodies, as fishes are easily attracted to them.

The silverlit spy cam RC submarine is a very ideal RC submarine when it comes to aqua study. The video sharpness is top-notch, you get the best quality footage from it. Great product!

Key Features:

  • Triple channeled capacity control
  • 256MB internal memory
  • Built-in camera


  • Brand: Silverlit
  • Model. Silverlit Spycam RC submarine
  • Removable feeder arm
  • Clear and sharp video quality
  • Double LED lights for better footage
  • Signals length

Buying Guide Questions

The buying guide section will give you practical and reliable answers to common questions about RC submarines. It might intimidate you on how best to go about the use of these RC submarines. Please pay careful attention in order for you to be able to get useful information. It is important to also know the differences between an RC underwater drone and an RC submarine, they are similar, yet completely different.

How Deep Can a RC Submarine Go?

Questions like this are frequently asked and the answer to it, is that there is no one single and particular answer. The answer is rather relative, depending on the particular RC submarine in question. RC submarines generally can not go as deep as normal human-controlled submarines, but this does not mean that they cannot penetrate water too. On average, RC submarines go as deep as 3.5 meters. Not all submarines can go as deep as 3.5m, this is just on average. Some submarines can go deeper too. It all depends on the radio transmitter, motor strength, and propeller of such RC submarine. Some RC submarines like Jujuism and ThorRobotics RC submarines have a combined strong radio signal with a strong motor strength, making them capable of going as deep as 4metres.

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How do RC submarines work?

RC submarine work through a radio signal. They receive signals from the radio transmitter which is held by the person controlling the submarine. And this radio transmitter has different instructions and commands which when imputed steers the RC submarine into action. RC submarines receive the movement, direction, levitating, and the emerging signal from radio transmitters. What is more? RC submarines have propellers in order to be able to obey movement signals from the radio transmitters. Propellers enable RC submarines to make any movement underwater and afloat it. The stronger the propeller, the faster the movement. Some RC submarines even have double propellers for enhanced movement. There is also a liquid gas that enhances proper movement. And this is the aspect of gas-powered RC submarines. RC submarines have liquid gases situated in the ballast tank. The ballast tank with the help of the liquid-gas blasts out water that enters the tank underwater. It helps the submarine move and also prevent it from sinking like an RC Sailboat would if not handled correctly!

Added to all these are LED lights and streamlined bodies. It’s the steam lined bodies of these RC submarines that enable them to be able to move seamlessly underwater. The LED lights also enable clear and bright vision. RC submarines are then equipped with video and picture capacity- this feature is the most important feature of an RC submarine to an aqua researcher. The feature enables footage of aqua study to be taken for study purposes.

All these features put together make RC submarines effective for their made purposes. They enable seamless movement together with clear and sharp footage of aqua study.

Can Wifi or Bluetooth work underwater?

Wifi and Bluetooth might work underwater depending on the water waves but the truth is that they would not work. This is because both wifi and Bluetooth devices use 2.4GHz radio frequency which does not work well underwater- it’s due to the law of physics as the water molecules would attenuate the signal waves. More so, the Bluetooth signal is low power, the range underwater is just a few inches. The same goes for the Wifi signal. They share the same 2.4GHz radio frequency with Bluetooth signals, so the signal would easily be absorbed by water. However, there is a chance that your wifi or Bluetooth signals would work underwater depending on the water waves. If the waves are not so stormy. But generally, wifi and Bluetooth do not work well underwater, their 2.4GHz radiofrequency is just too low for that, if you are looking for an RC Drone with longer range, then there are options available.

What is the fastest RC submarine in the world?

There is no particular RC submarine in the world that can be pointed to as the fastest, as the performance of RC submarines depends on the water conditions too no matter how sophisticated. But there are some RC submarines that are top-rated for their speed. When it comes to speed, the Jujuism mini RC submarine and Submariner by sea-peep are top-notch in the world. Jujuism in particular has a 6-channel design and powerful propellers suited for high speed. More so, it has a waterproof design to ensure the propelled builds are not destroyed by water. The submarine by sea-peep is also top-notch for speed purposes. If you are looking for an RC submarine for speed purposes, choose these ones.

Insider Tip: race using RC Drift Car vs. a RC Submarine to settle any bet, not sure which one will win every time, but there is only one way to find out for sure!

It is also important for you to note that the water conditions can also influence the speed of an RC submarine. If the waves are soft and mild, an RC submarine would move faster even when it is not a Jujuism or submariner. A submariner or a jujuism would not go as fast when it is placed in windy and stormy waters. That is how it works.

Does RC work underwater?

Radio transmitters work very poorly underwater-this is because they use the 2.4GHz radio frequency The water waves swallow up their signals, leading to ineffectiveness. The fact is that if you wish to use the 2.4GHz radio transmitter frequency to dive underwater, you have to completely insulate it from water. The receiving aerial needs to be completely insulated from water. And this would allow the RC to work well. RC can indeed work well underwater, but they need to be completely insulated from water and liquids.

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How deep can radio waves penetrate water?

Modern radio waves use the 3-30kHz radiofrequency. This frequency can penetrate approximately 20 meters underwater. Also, this frequency also needs favorable water conditions to penetrate well. If the water conditions are calm and mild, they would penetrate well, this works well for RC Hovercrafts as well, you can’t technically go underwater with them, however, they still move fast and can accompany or work well alongside your RC submarine.

What frequency do RC submarines use?

RC submarines use the 75mHz frequency. It’s the only frequency that would work underwater for the transmission of any signal. Also this frequency allows the boat to move, levitate, emerge, and do other things underwater. More to that, the frequency is recommended mostly in the United States of America but also in other major parts of the world.

Can you use RC submarines in saltwater?

Yes, you can use RC submarines in saltwater, but not all of them. There are some RC submarines that are not suited for the acidic nature of saltwater because they would damage the electrons and some parts of the RC submarine. On the flip side, there are RC submarines that are very good to use in saltwater. Examples of such RC submarines are the Submariner by sea-peep, ThorRobotics RC submarine, and The Jujuism mini RC submarine. These RC submarines can be attached to sea vessels alike. They are perfect for saltwater, the acidic nature does not affect the RC submarine parts.


The guide has given us a thorough review of the best RC submarines out there. It has also intimated us about the uses of RC submarines, how important they are. We have seen the various parts of RC submarines that enhance their underwater functions. You now know which RC submarine to go for in order to meet your needs.There are RC submarines that work well for aqua study, types that work well for DIY learning, and also the types that are suited for high speed. We have reviewed the intricacies of RC submarines. Intricacies involving their parts and build. We have seen that they have streamlined build to facilitate their movement. Most importantly, we have gained insight into how RC submarines work. They use radio-controlled signals. And this is why RC submarines that have superior radio transmitters work better. You might want to place radio transmitters as your preference when you want to get an RC submarine. We have also touched on the LED and video features of RC submarines. They enable you to carry out a good aqua study through their quality footage.

RC submarines are really fantastic and brilliant equipment with multi-purposes! They enhance learning and aqua study purposes. You should get one for your child and for your aqua research purposes.