Where Is Arrma RC Made?


When searching for a brand of product that is known for super-tough RC action, high-speed, look no further because the Arrma brand has got you.

With broad variety of thrilling vehicles that offer the perfect environment where you can experience dirt-blast RC driving, acquire new skills and encourage everyone else to share your love for the pulse racing world of ARMA, your journey begins here.

If you’re new to a Radio Control hobby or an experienced RC enthusiast, ARMA will give you just what you need to explore new things and set yourself the goal of becoming an ARMA RC king. Crafted from the ground up by a professional who understands the value of strength, efficiency, and tremendous value, ARMA vehicles are ‘Designed to be Fast, Crafted to be Strong.’

Extending a range of high-quality and trendy trucks, buggies, and strong all-terrain vehicles, ARMA can bring you directly into action, with fully prepared-to-run bundles that enable you to hit the dirt right now. If you’re looking for the ultimate RC opportunity that will change the way you want to have fun, welcome to the ARMA universe.

Who makes Arrma RC?

Hobbico Inc is the parent company of Arrma RC; the company is based in Champaign, Illinois, United States. They are responsible for the design and distribution of radio-controlled cars and other hobby products worldwide.

The Organization sells a wide variety of radio-controlled cars, versions (miniature representations) of different iconic vehicles and rockets, and associated gadgets and general hobby items.

The business’s products are sold through an extensive network of local hobby dealers, wholesalers, and internet retailers. Lincoln was Hobbico’s exclusive investment banker and collaborated closely with the management team and numerous partners through Chapter 11 Insolvency and Section 363 Sales Procedures.

This included a thorough review of the competitive options that eventually culminated in selling Hobbico ‘s numerous operating entities to three separate acquirers, including one based in Germany.

Where is Arrma RC Made?

Arrma RC’s and its vast range of products are made from their manufacturing headquarters in Champaign, Illinois, United States. They also have several distribution centers across the world—places like the United Kingdom and China.

What are the types of Arrma RC Cars?

  • Nitro Engine: Many of the top-rated Arrma RC cars are nitro vehicles. They possess a lot of power, so they make lots of noise, and they are equally fast. Nevertheless, this type of remote control vehicle needs a lot more maintenance as well as money than the alternative. If you love tinkering on the inside of the car and want something healthy, then this is the kind of toy you would like to have.
  • Electric Engine: The best electric RC trucks appear to be oriented toward entry-level hobbyists. And if you’re not technically inclined, this sort of remote-controlled car could be the best choice. The batteries are long-lasting and easily charged. If you want a good truck and don’t want to waste a lot of time trying to get it to work correctly, then you should opt for Arrma electric cars.
  • Brushed vs. Brushless: Brushed vehicles are exposed to the atmosphere, which will cool them down. Nevertheless, this can lead to soil and debris being trapped in the parts. Brushless vehicles are more costly, but they are both more reliable and more effective. One disadvantage is that brushless will heat up because they are prone to high temperatures.
  • Monster: The best Arrma electric RC monster vehicles are renowned for their massive tires and suspensions. In particular, RC monster vehicles can withstand rugged terrain and any of the things that get in their way. Although they can climb and cross all sorts of surfaces, they’re not very fast.
  • Stadium: Stadium vehicles have a buggy-like open-wheel setup. They’ve got a firm suspension and a truck-style chassis, and they’re excellent all-around vehicles that can handle several different styles of the landscape. They can’t, though, navigate incredibly rough terrain like their monster truck peers.
  • Brief Course: These vehicles are engineered for maximum acceleration. In comparison to buggies and arena vans they are slimmer, and their wheels are pretty much smaller. Their suspension and ground stability is not as firm as any other form of RC car. Pretty much across the board, they are built for flat surfaces and do not navigate rugged terrain as well.

Key Features to Look Out For In Arrma RC Vehicles

  • Battery Life: The best Arrma RC vehicles have one of the two battery choices available: Ni-Mh or Li-Po. The former is better to use and intended for rookies. However, it’s not as effective. If you’re more seasoned, then the Li-Po batteries are something to remember. They achieve faster speeds, but they are more costly. Some brands last just 15 minutes, while others work for longer on a single full charge.
  • Speed: The best Arrma RC racing vehicle is made for speed. They are lighter in design; nevertheless, their materials appear to be less durable. These cars are equipped to go fast, run fast curves, and travel easily on race tracks. One issue to pay close attention to would be whether steering and controlling is convenient to be used at high velocities.
  • Durability: You expect your RC vehicle should last a long time, so you don’t have to spend money buying a new one. Hence, one of the easiest ways to achieve this is to pick a product made of high-quality parts. The best Arrma RC vehicles are going to be very powerful with a robust chassis. You want to ensure that the inner components are secured enough that they don’t crack if the toy hits a curb or tips over.
  • Control Range: The control range means how far you can control your Arrma RC vehicle away from the transmitter until it becomes difficult to control. A control range of 30 meters is regarded as very strong. Thus, it’s not a lot of fun if you can’t control your car from a reasonable distance.


Arrma RC vehicles are also known as Remote control vehicles and very popular among children and adults alike. These vehicles are typically about one foot long and mostly used for racing. They all have one trait in common; it doesn’t take too long to get hooked. Learn more on where to buy incredible Arrma RC Vehicles here