Can A Drone Propeller Hurt You?


Your kids’ safety is one thing that every parent worries about, which is why you want to ensure that you only make sure that you get them safe toys. That means if your child wants a drone, is it safe to get them one? The good news is that there are drones specifically for kids, which means they are safe. However, you still have to be cautious, and if your child is too young or developmentally at a younger age than their chronicle age, you may want to rethink that. Any other drones are not safe, and that is because the propellers can cause a lot of harm. So if you wonder whether or not the drone propellers can hurt you, the short answer is yes.

Drones Can Hurt You

Drones can do a lot of damage to you, and the amount of damage depends on the drone’s size. For example, a small drone may not puncture your skin, but it can take an eye out if it flies near your face. And larger drones can pierce your skin and cause a lot of bleeding. That is why you need to exercise caution when you use drones. On the other hand, most miniature drones will cause minor damage, which is why child-friendly drones are also tiny. Think about a running fan, and you stick your fingers near it. The blade can cut your fingers, and if you pull your finger away from the blade, you will end up with a cut with bleeding. But if you don’t take your finger away from the blade that quickly, that could potentially severe your finger.

What Would Happen If You Put Your Finger Near The Propeller?

When you think about what the fan blade would do to your finger, the same goes for the drone propeller, which means you want to ensure that you steer clear from the drone when it is in operation. There have been many cases of drones injuring people when they were not careful, such as a child in the U.K. losing his eye while not cautious with a drone.

Someone stated on a forum one time they had to get stitches on their pinky finger after getting too close to a drone propeller. And someone else said that they wanted to catch the drone from the sky, and it caused a bruised hand and a numb thumb. Also, Enrique Iglesias cut his hand while using a drone when he was in concert. He did carry on with the show. But he must have been in a lot of pain from that experience.

One case of a child in the U.K. losing an eye from not being careful with the drone. The rest of the stories involved adults sharing their injuries from using drones. What about drones for kids? Let’s delve a little further into that. If you want to get a drone for your child, you will want to know how child-friendly drones differ from adult ones.

How Are Child-Friendly Drones Safer Than Adult Drones?

Larger drones are not suitable for kids but let’s go over the child-friendly drones that are much safer for kids. What makes them different from adult drones? Firstly, the energy capacity of a child-friendly drone must be lower, and that will cause the propellers to spin at a much slower speed. So that right there increases the safety of it.

Additionally, child-friendly drones have built-in guards to their propellers, and the propellers must consist of plastic. Therefore, if the child touches the propeller, there is a much greater chance of the plastic bending. Finally, blades consisting of carbon fiber are inflexible and can cut your finger if you attempt to touch it. Not to mention, child-friendly drones are inexpensive, which means you will expect your child to crash them often. That means preparing yourself to buy more replacements. That is unless your child loses interest in the drone.

Remember, you do not want to encourage your child to touch the propellers of their drone. Even though the plastic will bend, it can still cause minor cuts if the propeller runs at the top speed. So now you know that drones are safe for kids, let’s talk about how you can remain safe from your drone!

How You Can Stay Safe From Your Drone

There are several safety measures you can take when it comes to drones. Firstly, you will want drone propeller guards if your drone does not come with them. You can always buy them separately. You must get them if you plan to fly your drone in areas where people walk around, which will protect them. If you are new at flying drones, you want to ensure you have them.

Another thing you will want to do to ensure your safety for drones is not to get ones that have carbon fiber propellers. That material is much more dangerous than plastic, and if you are new to drone flying, you want to stick to plastic propellers. Remember that not all drones are equal, and some can cause more damage than others.

Another thing you need to do is if you are new to drone flying, never catch land it, and you are better off allowing it to crash. If you catch your drone, you can bleed because the propellers are still running and will catch your skin. That will hurt.


Can drone propellers‘ hurt you? Yes, they can. When they are spinning at high speed, they can cut into your skin, and you can bleed. You can compare it to a running fan. However, there are smaller and safer drones than others. Child-friendly drones are safer as they are smaller, have built-in guards, and have plastic propellers.

Additionally, they run at slower speeds. They are also cheap as they crash often. If you are new to drone flying, you will want to ensure you have built-in guards for safety and that the propellers consist of plastic instead of carbon fiber. You also do not want to catch land your drone, or else you will bleed! Allow it to crash instead. The more experience you have with drone flying, the less likely you will risk yourself from getting hurt.