DJI Phantom – Batteries and Other Information


DJI is indeed one of the most trusted, reliable, and top-of-the-line drone brands there is. Being one of the most respected brands in the drone industry, they are often expected to produce awesome and impressive drones, and so far, the DJI drones do not disappoint. The drones from the DJI Phantom series are one of the most sought after drones making them a crowd-favorite as well. The mighty Phantom drones will allow you to experience and enjoy pro-level aerial imaging with your own hands and within your control.

Since the DJI Phantom drones are included in the few most iconic drones out there, it is essential that they can meet every drone hobbyists and enthusiasts’ expectations. Aside from the image quality and flight range, most people pay attention to battery life. If you are leaning in to know more about the DJI Phantom drones’ batteries and their longevity, then we are happy to say that you have come to the right page! This article will provide you will all the details you might want to know about DJI Phantom batteries and other helpful information.

The Phantom drones

Every drone user, beginner or not, already knows that DJI is a trusted and well-respected brand in the drone market. And one of the favorites is the Phantom Series. These awesome drones are equipped with high-quality cameras and better video capture capabilities.

DJI Phantom 1

The Phantom 1 is known to be a white drone with double red stripes on the leading arms. It has a shorter flight time of 10 minutes and a gimbal to mount a GoPro camera. The Phantom 1 is the first generation Phantom drone, with not many high-technology features that might still be available in a few stores.

DJI Phantom 2

The following DJI Phantom line, which is the Phantom 2, have introduced GPS positioning and mobile device supports. The 2nd generation Phantom line has also incorporated Wi-Fi connectivity to expand range and control. The flight time of the Phantom 2 drones went up to 15 minutes, a GPS location to mark “home” was also established. The most appreciated feature of the Phantom 2 drones is the built-in notification system to inform you that you are in an official no-fly zone.

DJI Phantom 3

All models under the DJI Phantom 3 boasts impressive features such as a Follow-me mode, GPS, and home locks. The flight time of the Phantom 3 range takes up to 25 minutes which is a good improvement compared to the older generations. The drones in this line also have an impressive 4k video resolution and comparable to professional level drones. This also features a bigger-capacity charger for faster charging that allows you to be back on the flight for a short period of time.

DJI Phantom 4

The Phantom 4 drones have a larger battery size than their predecessors, giving the drones a flying time of about 28 to 30 minutes. The latest drones among the Phantom series is very sleek and polished when it comes to their appearance. Function-wise, the Phantom 4 is also very reliable with all its practical and highly functional features. The drones in the Phantom 4 line are also very impressive, with their sensors and 5-direction obstacle sensors for a safer flight. Indeed, these drones will allow you to experience professional aerial photography.

Are all Phantom 3 batteries the same?

The batteries for the Phantom 3 models are identical and are the same, so you can basically use the same batteries for all Phantom 3 models. However, it features a new firmware that checks for fake or non-authentic DJI cells. These non-genuine cells, once detected, will not be allowed to start up the drone. Prior to the firmware being relatively strict, many Phantom 3 users have claimed that any third party cells used to work just fine.

Recently, DJI has become particular and sensitive when it comes to third-party batteries because they may be sudden and unexpected crashes in flight due to battery failure. And mostly, these failures can be blamed on the drone and not the battery itself. It is also a similar situation when it comes to chargers as well.

Are DJI Phantom batteries interchangeable?

Not all the batteries of the drones in the DJI Phantom Series are interchangeable. However, some drones of the same line or generation can be interchangeable. However, it is always important to check the compatibility before switching batteries as this may affect drone performance and flight time.

It is good to know that with each firmware update, the DJI brand will provide “release notes” to inform the consumer if the updates will essentially affect batteries, controls, and other vital specifications. If the updates happen to require batter updates, you will have to do it and note the changes applied. Mostly, the drones that belong to the same line have interchangeable batteries; just make sure that both drones are equipped with the latest and updated software.


Here are some frequently asked questions concerning the DJI Phantom drones. s

Are DJI Phantom drones good?

With the expanding choices, we can have when it comes to drones, choosing the best one for you might be difficult. But, when it comes to the DJI Phantom drones, there is no question that they are one of the best and most superb drones out there. The Phantom drones are known to offer professional functionalities, so they are greatly appreciated by drone users who are already a pro in the field. If you are also into big drones, the Phantom Series might be good for you.

Should I buy an old Phantom drone?

What you want and need will be the most important factors to consider when choosing to buy a drone. If the older models of the DJI Phantom drone can meet your needs, then you should definitely go for it. However, keep in mind that the older versions will have limited or discontinued software support. Also, if you choose to buy the older versions, make sure that spare parts, batteries, and chargers, will still be able to purchase if in case you need them.

Are the Phantom drones better than the Mavic ones?

Both Phantom and Mavic drones have their share of excellent and impressive features. If you want a bigger drone, you want to choose the Phantom ones, but if you’re going to something compact and easier to use, you might want to go for the Mavic drones. These drones, however, have very similar cameras and somewhat similar image quality.

Bottom line

Batteries indeed play an essential role in drone functionality cause without them, and your drone will surely not be able to fly and capture stunning images. Always make sure that you will be using the correct batteries for your drone to avoid damage and unexpected decrease in flight time and range. Also, make sure that you are only using the right and safe chargers for your drones as well. Have a safe, long, and enjoyable drone flight!