Biggest Remote Controlled Helicopter


It is true that RC helicopters can be pretty fascinating; that is why many people have also decided to try RC helicopter flying as a new hobby. Helicopters can be fantastic to watch from afar, but can you imagine if you are the one flying it, with a remote control unit, at a place where you can enjoy maneuvering and piloting your RC helicopter – totally fun, right?

Indeed RC helicopters, similar to other RC aircraft, can give you the enjoyment and satisfaction of flying yet keeping your feet on the ground. Flying an RC helicopter can be fun and relaxing, but only if you know how to and you know what to do. This post will be about choosing the best RC helicopters out there, tips and tricks on flying, and the biggest RC helicopter there is. So, if you are interested in all those stuff, then you have come right page. Sit back, relax, and read on!

Are RC helicopters difficult to fly?

It is true that Rc helicopters may look intimidating and may be challenging to fly and maneuver. But there is no need to be scared and reluctant since flying an RC helicopter is a skill that can be quickly learned. Crashing is common if you are still trying to learn how to fly an RC helicopter, which is entirely acceptable; what is essential is that you do not rush the learning process. Other factors can increase the difficulty of RC helicopter flying, and those are the things that you may want to avoid. A good example is a strong gust of wind; as a beginner, you should not be practicing flying your RC helicopter if it is too windy outside since you will have a hard time maneuvering your unit, and you would not want that.

Getting familiar with your controls and RC helicopter unit before starting to fly will also help. In that way, you will be able to determine which button to press or which part gets easily damaged if in case it crashes. It can be hard at first, but once you get a hold of the things to do, you will feel like a pro. You might want to start on the ground hovering and slowly try to move your RC helicopter around, still a distance not too far from the ground. From that, you may increase the length and try to let your RC helicopter spend longer times in the air. You may also want to practice your hand-eye coordination to make this work. Also, remember that when you practice, avoid doing it in an enclosed space; always try to avoid doing it in a crowded area since your RC helicopter crashing might injure the people around it.

How do you fly a remote control helicopter?

Flying an RC helicopter is indeed a fun activity; make sure to follow these instructions for a safe and enjoyable flight.

Safety first

Before trying to fly your RC helicopter, make sure that you are making safety a priority. Start with clearing some space for your helicopter to fly and hover around. You might also want to make sure that there are no big fans of people standing around you.

Controls and stabilization

Learning the basic controls is very important before flying your RC helicopter. You should know which one is the throttle stick and which one is the direction stick. There will also be left and right trim buttons to manage your helicopter once they start to spin.

Starting your helicopter

Now that you have learned the basic controls, you can now proceed to the flying basics of your RC helicopter. You may need to charge your RC helicopter before you will be able to turn it on. Start by placing your helicopter in a flat and stable place, taking a step back, and turning on your remote controller. You might want to keep your helicopter at a constant altitude before you try to proceed to steer.


Once you have gotten used to keeping your helicopter steady and at a constant altitude, you can now proceed to steer it. Remember that you will want to be gentle in pushing your direction stick from left to right to avoid your helicopter from spinning in circles. Remember that the controls in your remote control can be too sensitive, so you have to be gentle when it comes to steering your RC helicopter.

Practice makes perfect

It is a good idea to try out the control and experiment a little; with that, you may be able to find a flying style that can be easier and more enjoyable for you. Find a technique that is a lot more comfortable for you. Also, it is vital that you take care of your RC helicopter to spot damages, if there are any, and fix them right away.

What is a good RC helicopter?

The best RC helicopter is the one that will fit your preferences, from the design, budget, range, and battery life. A good RC helicopter will not only look good but will be durable enough to survive a few bumps and crashes here and there. Choose an RC helicopter with a good range and long battery life as well, and you would not want to be changing or charging your battery from time to time. You would also not want your RC helicopter to be crashing to the ground because the battery died.

Here are some best RC helicopters that we would recommend:

  • Blade Nano 230 S V2 RTF RC Helicopter
  • SYMA S107G 3-Channel RC Helicopter with Gyro
  • SYMA S107H-E Aircraft
  • Blade 230 S
  • Cheerwing S107

Tips for flying an RC helicopter

Remember the rules and regulations

Being familiar and knowledgeable about the local rules and regulations will help you and your RC helicopter avoids being confiscated. Do not get carried away flying around without knowing the rules cause you might get in trouble.

Consider flight and space.

If you are a beginner, you might want to consider the place and area you plan to fly your RC helicopter. If you are a beginner, you have to choose an open space that is free from trees, houses, or posts. Also, make sure that you have good visibility when flying your RC helicopter. If you are not the outdoor kind of person, you may choose to buy RC helicopters that can be used indoors.

Be familiar with your RC helicopter and its controls.

As mentioned above, it is crucial that you are familiar and knowledgeable when it comes to the functions and controls of your RC helicopter. It is imperative that you remember the functions of each button in your controller so that you will be able to know what to. Also, you have to be familiar with the features of the RC helicopter you are flying so that you will not let it fly out of range and be familiar with its battery life as well. Knowing your RC helicopter’s battery life will help you avoid emergency landings and crashes.

Don’t go big if you can’t

If you are a beginner, avoid going for a big helicopter immediately. Big helicopters can be difficult to control; that is why you will want to start small.

Stay calm

It is vital that you stay calm when you are flying your RC helicopter. Staying calm will help you think better and have good judgment in times of unexpected and undesirable incidents such as strong wind or a bird flying nearby. You will have to stay calm so that you can have everything under control.

The biggest RC helicopter

Here are video clips of the world’s most enormous RC helicopters:


Flying your RC helicopters is indeed fun and enjoyable, but remember that you have to be familiar with your unit and be knowledgeable about the rules and regulations that can apply so that you can have an excellent and stress-free RC helicopter flying experience. Above all, always remember to fly safely to avoid injuries and damages.