How to get a drone from a tree?


Drones, formally known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or unmanned aircraft systems (UASes) is a flying robot that can either be remotely controlled or flown independently through operating system-controlled flight plans in its installed systems, working in collaboration with onboard sensors and GPS.

A drone flies high, though cannot be compared to how high a quadcopter flies, but it goes enough to get stuck in a tree. It indeed can be frustrating when a drone gets stuck in a tree. Drones can get trapped in the canopy or perhaps get tangled in branches and that might just be a combo for disaster. But, before making any physical attempt, It is advisable to first turn on the FPV streaming to your phone to have a better idea of the location of the drone. Then, you can start working towards how to get it out with the following points:

Try climbing the tree

First, you can climb the tree to get your drone. Well, apparently, this might not be possible in all situations. The tree might just be too light to carry your weight or probably be lacking enough branches to hold on to. So, climbing the tree should be done only when you have a clear view of where the drone is stuck and exactly the path to climb. Don’t forget that Safety should always come first. Not the safety of the drone but yours.

Get a ladder to get you up

If climbing seems impossible, then you can employ a ladder. you should be able to get one from a local tool shop if you don’t have one. A ladder will conveniently support your weight. So, speaking of safety, climbing a ladder is much safer than climbing a tree. However, yet again, using a ladder might not be of use if you can’t see where the drone is hanging especially if it’s hanging in a tree with branches full of leaves. Do not forget to never climb a ladder on your own. There should be someone holding the ladder for you while you’re on it.

So what if the tree has thick branches and the drone is somewhere deep in the branches? How then do you get it out?

Try a long stick or rod

If climbing a tree seems unproductive and using a ladder is not helping, then, it’s time to use a long pole. It’s not ideal to knock the drone out of the tree, rather, gently use the pole to lose the entanglement. Many drones are designed with propeller guards so you can gently insert the pole into it. A fiberglass pole is recommended in this case. However, some made their way through using broomsticks, or objects that are long and flat. It might also work for you too!

Try to glide it out

If the drone is not yet out of battery after doing away with some entanglement, you can try to remove it by flying it out. But, you have to be extremely careful when flying it out. Note that if you don’t have a clear picture of how it’s stuck on the tree, your drone might end up breaking or getting more entangled in the tree’s branches. But, if rather, you have a clear view or a clear path, then, this method will save you time.

Use a Line

One of the best ways to get a drone out of a tree is to use a fishing line to throw the weight of the drone. Though finding a ladder might be much easier because the fishing line method usually amounts to buying more materials and a little more of setup. So when thinking of how to get a drone from a tree, you might wonder- How then do I use a fishing line? Well, along with a fishing line you need a small-sized heavyweight rock that won’t be too heavy but also light enough to be thrown. A rock that’s about the size of a fist will do the trick.

With the fishing line, make a loop around the weight. Make sure it’s tight and firm enough that it doesn’t slip off. Then, give a throw at the tree. Then unroll the fishing line and lay it in as straight a line as possible leading up to the tree. When that is done, with the line still attached to it, it is time to throw the weight over the part of the branch your drone is stuck on. Make sure to throw to the left or right side of the drone as you don’t want to destroy your drone with a rock. Not after going through all this stress. Normally, the weight should be landing on the ground while the line should not make an “n” over the branch(es). Now, wiggle the fishing line gently to make the drone to fall from the tree. Then, get yourself or your friend ready to catch. You can always cut the fishing line and throw it again if it seems like you caught the wrong angle.

Rent a truck

If the fishing line seems to not affect the tree, the weight might be too light compared to the branches of the tree. Therefore, you can try using a bucket truck. The bucket truck can be attached to a large vehicle or a large object. It will elevate you into the air without difficulty allowing you to reach a higher level than you could originally attain on your own.

True, purchasing a used bucket truck will cost thousands of dollars. But, you can rent it at the price range of $250 to $500 a day. Though it sounds like a lot, comparing it to buying a new drone it is cheaper.

Call the tree service assistance

When all the above methods are not working for you, or if you are unable to employ the above options, then, you can call the tree service. Although your location depends. But, when they are around your locality, they’ll surely help get your drone off the tree ensuring your safety and that of your drone.


Seeing your drone stuck in the tree may leave you a helpless feeling. However, you shouldn’t feel down because you have tons of options to choose from and try for you to get your drone. There are some simple and fast options like using a ladder a long pole or flying it out.

Options like renting a buck truck, a lift, or fishing line may cost you some spending either financially or physically. But, in the long run, it will be worth the spending as they are effective methods. Here is a video that captures some of the methods of removing a drone from a tree.