What is Headless Mode on a Drone?


A headless mode is a special mode designed with a drone to help have a wonderful and worry-free flight.

Have you always been frustrated because you can hardly differentiate the front of the drone apart from the back?

Unlike the radio-controlled cars that the front can be recognized easily, A lot of people find it so hard to recognize the front of a drone. Especially when both the front and back have identical propellers. As a result, a lot of people fly their drones backwards. They want it to move further but, it comes flying to their faces and when they want to fly it back to themselves, it keeps going further. It seems to be going right when they’ve actually pressed the left button. For most people, the opposite of what is initiated actually happens in the normal mode.

However, the “headless mode” as the name implies, makes it easy to fly a drone easily. It doesn’t matter if the head is facing forward or backward. It’s designed to focus on one’s alignment. Such that, even if the drone is facing backward, if it is initiated to go left, it will.

It totally eliminates the need for you to worry about the position of the drone allowing you to make fascinating flips you’d never thought you could do.

The following points discuss the other benefits of the “headless mode”

Best for beginners

As a beginner, wanting to adjust the control inputs of the drone to fit with your drone’s alignment might be a difficulty. Making it hard to fly the drone properly. What’s more? Most beginners are unable to tell the difference between the front and the back and this might just be the path for a drone crash, so to speak.

But, with the headless mode, a beginner can be less concerned about heading for a crash. No need to worry if the drone is facing front or back because the drone will fly in whatever direction is initiated. Even if it’s facing backwards, if the left button if pressed, it’ll also go left same applies to the right and other directions.

Best choice for kids

For a kid who really do not know how to control a drone, wouldn’t it be too challenging for him to fly a drone in the normal mode? Obviously, it would. Kids might have little or no idea on how to fly a drone. They’re more like a beginner and more likely to head for a crash. But with the help of the headless mode, they’d be able to fly and even to maneuver a drone with ease. Although, there are specific drones designed basically for kids but, still the headless mode makes it easier for kids to fly a normal drone. Here’s when the adaptability comes in.


Headless mode makes a drone versatile. Such that anyone can fly a drone. Whether an amateur, a kid, a beginner or perhaps an expert. It makes the drone an all-round technology. Able to adapt in any hands it may be.

For experts

Apart from beginners and kids, is it surprising to know that the headless mode is also suitable for experts or professionals? Well, the headless nice comes with specific features that makes experts achieve a well-done job. It makes their job easier, nicer and faster with less stress.

Easy learning

Can you for a moment to picture the first time you held the remote control of a toy vehicle? No doubt, it was challenging as you had to learn and master how to control the car when it’s moving further and when it is coming towards you. It must have been kind of difficult right? But then, imagine again having the controlling device of the drone in your hands and all you have to do is initiate where you want it to move with just a press. Not minding if it’s facing you or facing the front direction. Isn’t that much easier? All because of the “headless mode”. Fascinating right? And within few minutes of practice, you’re already flying a drone conveniently.

But then, getting too used to the headless mode can be disadvantageous.

If you really are aiming to become a perfect and experienced drone pilot, then too much use of the headless mode won’t help. You might make it a habit, making it hard for you to get acquainted with the normal mode. And if this happens, you could end up not having what it takes to be the perfect pilot you want to be.

What’s more? The technology that allows for headless mode to work can be delicate to electromagnetic or areas with pylons and metallic towers. And if the drone gets affected, the headless mode will be disabled, and your only choice will be to fly back in the normal mode

You might wonder is Headless Mode Reliable?

Well, with the help of a little censor in the drone, the headless mode functions. And as it’s designed to basically get rid of the need for to you to find out which way the drone is facing in order to fly it, it does so exactly.

Accepted, nothing can be called perfect, so it could fail sometimes and that is only when it’s close to the surrounding of electromagnetics. Except for this, it works exactly as designed.


A drone in a normal mode, might really be hard to control and even more hard to learn and adapt. But as for the headless mode, it’s suitable for all type of person. It focuses on one’s alignment rather than the drone’s orientation. And helps one have a crash free flight. It fosters early grasping of how to fly a drone conveniently. But, getting too used to it might be bad as mentioned earlier. Therefore, it is advisable to have a balanced use of both the headless mode and the normal mode to be on a safe side.