How To Fix A Remote Control Car

Introduction There are times when you will be playing with your remote control car, and it may break, and that can be heartbreaking. That is why it is important that you learn how to fix a remote control car by yourself. The remote control cars are susceptible to damage due to everyday use, or they … Read more

How can I use an RC Boat for Fishing?

Is It Legal To Use An RC Boat For Fishing? The short answer to that question is that, yes, it is. However, there are guidelines that you have to follow to make it legal. According to some countries and the US States such as Minnesota, fishing with an RC boat is permitted. That is as … Read more

How To Drift an RC Car

Introduction RC cars can be quite thrilling and exciting. They are fast, fun, and controlled by a remote, making it even more fun. Driving an RC car is almost the same experience as driving a real one. It is also equipped with an engine, wheels and also uses fuel. Driving an RC car is just … Read more

Why Won’t My RC Helicopter Lift Off?

INTRODUCTION You may already be aware that before any object can gain height or lift, The gravitational force that pulls the object downwards has to be conquered. These helicopters are able to do this using the application of Bernoulli’s principle. This means that the rotor blades’ rotation produces a lower pressure of air at the … Read more