Why Won’t My RC Helicopter Lift Off?

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You may already be aware that before any object can gain height or lift, The gravitational force that pulls the object downwards has to be conquered. These helicopters are able to do this using the application of Bernoulli’s principle. This means that the rotor blades’ rotation produces a lower pressure of air at the helicopter’s crown and the blades, consecutively. Parallel to the bottom of the helicopter, producing an upward thrust or push. If you realize that your helicopter won’t lift off, then something about the physics isn’t correct. It could also be a factory setting.

Suppose you had a built, working RC helicopter that used to function properly until it stopped. It means that something is affecting the RC helicopter that’s not permitting it to lift off by reducing its capacity to create the upward push. Here are some of the most common reasons why your RC helicopter won’t lift off;

Worn out gear

This is one of the reasons why your RC helicopter cant lift-off. To know this, spin around the prop blades steadily and observe for any resistance. The resistance signifies the extra power that is drawn from the engine(motors). Resistance could also mean that the batteries are starting to get worn out, but the most likely option is the gear.

Broken or loose shaft

If your RC helicopter won’t lift-off, and you’re sure that the battery is still in good condition, then you may have to inspect your shaft. The connection of your shaft may be relatively weak, which is a famous cause for reducing and weakening the upward push. To inspect this, you can carry out a little test that involves rotating the hollow shaft. When you do this, remember that the inner shaft is supposed to move with the hollow shaft. However, if it feels wobbly or loose, you most likely have to get it fixed. The same applies to the blade holder. Ensure that you tighten and align the screws that keep the hollow shaft(outer) and the blade holder together. If your RC helicopter model is the type with its parts glued together, you may re-apply glue to it. Also, ensure that the shafts of each blade are firm.

Weak battery

This is the commonest reason why your RC helicopter won’t lift off. When your helicopter’s batteries are unbalanced or weak, you need first to ensure that your batteries are charged fully. Bear in mind that changing the batteries doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s working in perfect condition.

You can use a multimeter to inspect the voltage, and If your batteries are old or their voltages are not good, you need to purchase new batteries. A completely charged battery ought to have a 4.2 voltage. You may also charge the battery using a balance charger.

Worn out blades

Take a look at the propeller blades carefully, check if they seem broken or cracked. Even the smallest crack on it can reduce the propeller’s capability to have a substantial reaction on the air surrounding your RC helicopter. This is another possible reason why your RC helicopter won’t lift off.

When the propeller blade is worn out, it may slightly increase the level of drag and turbulence and also have an effect on the attack angle. This may limit the upward push process. If you feel like your propeller blade is spoiled beyond fixing, then you should probably get a new one.

Worn out motor brush

The backbone of the motor is the brushes within it. The motors are the source that powers the lifting off in the helicopters, and as such, once you notice there’s an issue with your present one or that it is worn out, then you’d need to get a new one. Motors with brushes made from carbon tend to lose power after some time because it gets worn out faster than in brushless motors. It may be tasking to know which particular motor has the issue.


If you realize that your RC helicopter won’t lift off, you should consider these tips and the problem’s possible cause. If possible, it is advisable that you ask the seller to replace the RC helicopter in your possession, especially if you just purchased the RC helicopter. However, don’t just trash the old one. You can try your best to fix it during your leisure.

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