How to get a free drone

Introduction Getting a free drone might seem to be somewhat impossible for most folks, and this is primarily due to their inability to go about it the right way. Nevertheless, there are several ways you can get drones. You could take a straightforward approach and go right ahead and steal one from a drone store … Read more

How To Fly A Radio Controlled Helicopter

INTRODUCTION Flying a radio-controlled helicopter can be quite addicting and lots of fun. However, it may be tasking for a beginner and requires a good amount of practice, especially If it’s your first time. You may crash several times. It is advisable to purchase an RC helicopter that is resistant to shock. The most straightforward … Read more

How are small drones powered

Introduction It is a known fact that drones are becoming a fundamental part of our lives. They can perform many tasks and even do more when equipped with artificial intelligence and come in different sizes. The small ones are very easy to carry around and can be used indoors. The smallest type of drone is … Read more

How much is a remote control car

Introduction No doubt, remote control cars could be an exciting way to have fun; however, they aren’t free. Hence depending on their size and quality, you could purchase a remote control car for as low as $20 – $30, or you can go for the high end models that cost $1000 and above. Thus regardless … Read more

How High can a Quadcopter fly?

Introduction Suppose you have a quadcopter or have just purchased one newly for your recreational or experimental purpose. Then you would want to continue to read this to know how high your quadcopter can fly. What is a Quadcopter A quadcopter is a type of drone that runs on only four motors. Often referred to … Read more