Fastest RC Car In The World


Owning an RC car and racing the car has become a hobby for many people in recent times. However, what most people are interested in is how fast the RC car can go. An RC car manufacturing company, Traxxas, has released the XO-1, which is an RC car that can reach 100 mph in five seconds using a new iOS app, amazing right?

This remote-controlled car is powered with lithium batteries, which allows the pre-assembled car to go from 0 to 60 in about 2.3 seconds. This brings the remote control car close to its real-life counterparts; the Traxxas XO-1 has a new custom motor with an all-wheel-drive steel and aluminum drivetrain.

However, using the high-speed gears need to get to the top speeds needs the Traxxas app on the iOS system. Your mobile device can act as a virtual dashboard and a control system by connecting it to the bundles TQi radio controller. The app displays the battery voltage, RPM, data on speed and temperature in real-time from the app, and it also has a series of sliders that allow you to adjust the steering sensitivity, throttle trim, and a lot of other things. You can use saved customized profiles to control different cars or driving environments.

Rc cars moving at these kinds of speeds are not unheard of, but what makes it impressive is that it is an off-the-shelf vehicle – with its $1,099 price, it better be worth it. This remote control car is not a toy and is meant to be used by experts. Traxxas warns that using the XO-1 has a risk of injury, fire, or death; it also suggests that it should be operated on a closed course like a drag strip or racetrack where it can reach its top speed without any issues. They also advise that the driver is of legal driving age to operate and handle this RC car’s speed.

Before this car can get to triple digits in speed, it needs fully charged batteries and requires most of its 1376 foot radio control range; after it gets to this point, it is easy to keep going. It moves smoothly on tarmac, but it can easily get out of control by sudden steering movements and rough surfaces.

The XO-1 is over two feet long and about a foot wide; its weight and length allow it to accommodate the car’s muscle. It features aluminum chassis with plastic subframes at each end; it also has adjustable multi suspensions ad coil-over shocks. The motor is cooled by the NACA duct and a functional rear diffuser that is found at the flat bottom chassis, is also features a huge front splitter that reduces the high-speed nervousness.


The brushless motor of this car is amazing and unbelievable. The ESC is a great speed controller that has a few extra caps. To enable you to reach the 100+ mph speeds, it makes use of a large 32 tooth pinion gear. The combination of the large gear and power produces a bit of stuttering (cogging) problems when it’s at a low speed. Driving slowly can produce sounds that you won’t like, and it could also put strain on the power system from the motor to the batteries.


The Traxxas XO-1 features slick belted tires that are quite hard. Thanks to how durable they are, you won’t have to worry about them ballooning or changing shape while performing high-speed passes. They work well even on the frozen tarmac, traction might be a bit hard, but it won’t ruin your fun.

Tires of performance cars are rated based on their maximum speed and construction. For example, you can use R speed-rated tires to reach speeds of up to 106 mph, while tires rated Z can reach speeds of about 185 mph. The Traxxas XO-1 is rated T, which allows it to reach top speeds of 118 mph.


This remote control car has a stock suspension that is quite tough. The majority of the suspension system is made from aluminum, and it also has anodized GTR shocks that can absorb any shock the car might experience.

Accessories And Tools Included

This remote control car comes with;

  • two 4-way wrenches
  • L wrenches
  • 17mm wheel wrench
  • 8mm and 4mm turnbuckle tool
  • shock wrench
  • 100 mph splitter
  • high speed 34-tooth pinion gear

Items Required

  • Apple iPhone or iTouch to use the app
  • Two LiPo battery packs
  • 4 AA alkaline batteries to power the transmitter


  • Its speed of 100+ mph in an RTR is impressive
  • It has a unique and nice style
  • The extra size and weight of the car helps to keep it planted to the ground while it moves at high speed
  • The power of this car is amazing, it uses two 3S LiPos batteries to supply the {Castle Creations Mamba Monster} Extreme brushless system
  • The Traxxas used with the iPhone dock is interesting and sweet to use
  • The aero package is fantastic. The top and bottom of the car has some interesting ground effects
  • Its durable chassis design lets it perform high speed runs with optimum downforce


  • To reach the high speeds, you require the Traxxas App and an iPhone
  • Not everyone has a smooth surface to enjoy the potential of the RC car

Driving Tips

This car can be quite fast, so you need to let the throttle off sometimes. Some people decide to wait for a few seconds, and they might end up braking in panic.

You need space to comfortably slow the Traxxas XO-1 down. Always remember this when making any high speed passes. This might not be the first thing on your mind, and while you’re enjoying the car at full speed, just be careful not to have a car and curb head-on collision. The car has a durable body that can withstand a lot of damages.


This RTR remote control car can be over the top a bit, but you will be left speechless as soon as you try out the speed. To fully enjoy this car’s capabilities, it is best that you find a; large open area to enjoy it.

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