How To Find A Lost Drone?


In this informational content, we are going to take you through practical ways of finding your lost drone. It is not uncommon for drones to get lost since they may miss their direction(s) through a signal disconnect. So, if your drone loses signal, doesn’t get to its destination, and in turn, you can’t find it, please do go through this reliable guide to find it. But before we take you through that guide, let us intimate you a little bit about what a drone is.

What is a drone?

A drone is an automatic and unmanned aerial vehicle that is usually controlled by remote control. A drone can perform various utility functions. You can use a drone to pick up an averagely light material. You can use a drone to locate the geographical position of a thing or a person. Some drones can also take clips of activities in a particular region or area. Drones are built to follow and remember commands and directions. It is the command you input that the drone follows. It is through the headless mode that drones follow such commands.

It may then happen that a drone misses such commands as a result of a signal disconnect along the way. When this happens, you tend not to be able to locate the position of such a drone. In essence, you cannot find your drone. If this happens, how do you find such a drone?

Find Your Lost Drone

Your drone suddenly loses connection with its remote control which you are holding. In a lucky scenario, you might be able to locate the geographical position of the drone through an immediate reconnection. But in often cases, your drone will lose connection permanently and you may not able to locate it.

Auto Return and Trackers

Some drones are designed to fly to the previous location when it loses connection or the battery becomes low.

Some persons use trackers to get back the location but trackers do not work all the time. How then can you get back the location of your drone with and without trackers?

Buy a Compatible GPS Tracker

A GPS tracker is commonly used by many drone owners. It’s very common when it comes to finding a lost drone. How helpful is a GPS tracker? A GPS tracker helps you locate the exact position of your drone. This is where a GPS tracker is very useful. It does not just give you the geographical position of your drone, it gives you the exact position of the location. This makes it easy to find your drone without much stress. For you to enhance the tracking of your GPS, you should choose a GPS tracker that has an internally built system of Google maps. What is the advantage of a GPS with an in-built Google map system? It allows you to ascertain the height, weather, distance, and location of your drone. With this, the exact location is very much enhanced. Watch this video for more information on tracking your lost drone through GPS. Using a GPS tracker to find a lost drone is very effective when it works but it does not work all the time. Let us consider another way of finding a lost drone.

Take Clips at Intervals

Another way to find a lost drone is to take pictures and video clips at intervals when your drone is moving. This method is not exactly a FIND method so to say. It’s more of a precautionary method in case your drone loses connection with its remote control. How does this precautionary method work? When your drone starts its flight, enable the photo and video clips button on the remote control. When your drone moves a reasonable bit, start taking pictures and recording videos. If your drone then loses connection with the remote control, you would be able to find it just by checking the videos and pictures you have taken. This method is a lot more tedious than the GPS Tracker method because you have to locate the geographical position of the pictures and videos yourself. But you also have a very good shot at finding your lost drone. Let us then examine another method.

Keep Your Remote Control On

Your drone has to be switched on for the feasibility of this method. But it is also worth giving a try. First thing is to make sure that you do not turn off your remote control. You then toggle the return button on and after a while, your drone would reconnect to the signal of the remote control. As we have mentioned, this method can take a while but if your drone’s battery is still on, there is a high possibility that it would reconnect. To monitor the effectiveness of this method when using it, take note of the numbers on your drone’s telemetry. If they start dropping, then your drone is in close range; it’s returning to the range of the remote control. If you still cannot see your drone, just look for possible areas where your drone could have gotten stuck. If your drone is stuck, check here to learn how to get your drone out of stuck areas systematically.

After exhausting all the methods mentioned above and you still cannot find your lost drone, you have to apply more physical methods. These methods would involve you making a move to find your drone yourself. You can choose to find the drone yourself by looking for it in stuck areas like treetops and other cramped areas. You can also take another drone along with you while doing this. This drone should be used to search for the lost one. This drone would search from the top while you search from the bottom. While searching, take note of propeller buzzes and lights. If your drone is still on, you can locate it through these signs and sounds. You can also use a flight log or find my drone app. They may you the location of your drone.


Finding a lost drone can be tedious, but if you follow the above procedures, you would be able to find the location of your drone.