How to Make a Helicopter in Minecraft


If you play the video game called Minecraft, you would definitely at a point want to make an aircraft or helicopter. However, most people do not know how to do this, and this might include you. If you fall among this set of people or look to add to what you already know, you should read one as we take it step by step.


Before we talk about making a helicopter in Minecraft, it would be best we explain a few things to allow for a better grasp of the subject. A helicopter is a type of rotorcraft; a helicopter’s design allows for rift and thrust, both supplied by motors that spin horizontally. This ability allows a helicopter to do a couple of maneuvers, like takeoff, vertical landing, hovering, to fly forward and backward. The design characteristics of a helicopter consist mainly of a rotor system and anti-torque. The rotor system is the rotating part of a helicopter that is meant to generate the lift. If this rotor is placed horizontally, a vertical loft is developed, and when placed vertically, a horizontal lift occurs. The main rotor of a helicopter is fixed horizontally on the top base of the aircraft’s body; this for the vertical lift, and the tail is placed vertically to generate the horizontal lift.


Developed by Mojang, Minecraft is a sandbox video game that was released in the year 2011. The game explores a generated 3D interface that is procedural with an unlimited vast terrain and resources where players can use raw materials, craft tools, etc., to build structures of their choice and choosing. There are two main modes to the game, the survival mode and the creative mode. In the survival mode, players are expected to evolve according to conditions to be alive, build the new world around them, and maintain health. In the creative mode, all players are at liberty because they can do whatever they want with unlimited resources.

How to make a Helicopter in Minecraft

There are different styles or steps that you can take to make your helicopter in Minecraft. However, going with what you would be able to do comfortably should be your aim. Here we show you how to make a helicopter in Minecraft our way.


Before you begin, you would want to create an elevated platform where the main construction could occur. If you do not do this, you won’t get the best of your design.


After you have created an elevated platform, you would have to make a base depending on how big you want your helicopter to be. However, you should know that it shouldn’t be too big or too little in length and width. The reason for doing this is that you cannot start construction without first building the foundation upon which the rest of the body would rest on.


Now that the base has been done already, you should design the body on the bottom. Your design should be simple, and it must fit approximately on the bottom of the plan. After you have done this, you move on to the next method.


After you are done with the body, you should design the tail of the helicopter. The design should be in the shape of an L; after this has been done, you can create the craft’s rotor system. You put the main rotor on the helicopter’s roof for vertical lift and the rotor at the tail for horizontal kicks.

Why you should make a helicopter in Minecraft

There is not a specific reason why you would want to and should make a helicopter in Minecraft. However, distinct game modes would require that you have something of this sort to survive, especially in the survival mode. Having an aircraft would help a great deal in making adaption and survival easier for you. In another case, it might be for the fun of it, probably when you are playing in the creative mode, and you would want to try out new things to test how creative you are. Making a helicopter in Minecraft isn’t a bad idea; instead; instead, it is a good suggestion, not just for the fun of it in the creative game mode but also to help you survive in the survival game mode.


Now that we have gone through making a helicopter in Minecraft, you can proceed to make your own using what you have learned here.