Academy Sports Drones


Academy Sports is one of the leading and full-time sporting goods and outdoor recreation retailers in the United States. The store has also been categorized as an essential retailer since they also sell first aid products and other goods for food production and even severe weather preparedness. But, aside from that, Academy Sports also carries certain products such as slip-resistant shoes, other sporting goods, and even drones. Academy Sports already has about two hundred plus stores with an online store as well.

This post will be talking about the drones that are available at the Academy Sports store. This store has been known to carry only the trusted brands, so we can be sure that we are only buying the best products out there.

Does Academy Sports sell drones?

Yes, Academy Sports does sell drones, but they only have limited options. Here are the drones that you can find at Academy Sports.

World Tech Toys Striker-X Pro Drone

The Striker-X drone is known to be perfect for beginners and for those people who are still in the phase of trying out drones. This drone from World Tech Toys can let you take on fast and quick movements while flying. It comes with a 720p HD video camera that can easily take photos and record videos. The Striker-X boasts a durable build that is very lightweight for easy maneuvering and flying.

World Tech Toys Striker RC Spy Drone

This awesome drone from World Tech Toys is named a “Spy” for a reason. The Striker RC Spy drone boasts a camera that lets you store and save data automatically into a micro SD memory card. This drone is also made with durable yet lightweight materials, which makes flying easy and convenient. It has four-channel controls and a 2.4GHz transmitter, so radio interference will definitely not be a problem.

World Tech Toys Elite Drone

With the World Tech Toys Elite drone, you will definitely be able to experience drone racing at its best. This is a professional racing drone that will surely give you the thrill and excitement that you need. The Elite racing drone comes with an adjustable HD camera so that you can have the best view even during an intense race. This unit is readily installed with brushless motors so that you will be ready to fly in no time. The brushless motors will also provide you with more extended durability and a high-quality design that is truly aesthetically pleasing.

What is a drone?

Drones were initially developed for the military and aerospace industries, but drones have already become very popular in photo and video marketing over the past few years. They are also referred to as unmanned aircraft or unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs, which operate without a pilot onboard and usually with various levels of autonomy. Drones have become so popular because, in addition to flying, many modern drones already have a camera that lets you see things and take pictures from an aerial perspective. They also come in different sizes with different cool features of their own.

Different drones have the capability of being able to fly to various heights and distances. The distance will usually depend on the range of the drone and its controller. They are often categorized as short-ranges, mid-ranged, and long-range drones. Drones can be more than just what you use for a hobby or for taking photos and videos; they are also perfect even for the most challenging jobs in the world.

Is Academy Sports still in business?

Yes, the Academy Sports store is still in business, and they are even considered essential nowadays. You will be able to get all your sporting, outdoor, and other needs at any Academy Sports store near you.

Before buying a drone

You may need to know some things before buying a drone at Academy Sports or from any store.

  • Learn and be knowledgeable about the different types of drones.
  • Identify which features you would like and need the most on your drone.
  • Budget and extra costs.
  • Make sure that you are buying from the right place and a reputable brand.
  • Know the flying guidelines and always follow them.
  • Learn about sensors and interferences.

You should also consider buying a drone if you are:

  • A conventional remote control hobbyist.
  • You are a professional photographer or videographer with goals to do aerial shots or want to try out a new perspective.
  • You have a commercial interest in drone technology.
  • Looking to try out a new hobby.