Fastest Nitro RC Cars


Nitro remote control cars are indeed the badass when it comes to the RC world. They are commonly known as those high and mighty RC cars that have internal combustion engine that runs on a fuel of methanol and nitromethane. These nitro-engine types of RC cars can run on very high revolutions per minute; however, it may depend on the engine size and the vehicle as well. It is no secret that nitro RC is usually faster than the rest of the RC cars in the remote control vehicles industry; that is why they are commonly used in competitions and tournaments.

Remote control vehicles, primarily cars, are commonly seen as toys for kids, but let me remind you that nitro RC cars are different. Nitro RC cars may physically look similar to electric or battery-operated RC cars that many children use; however they work differently. These RC cars use real fuel and powered by a real engine, which is why this can’t be advisable to be used by the younger population.

We prepared this article for those RC car hobbyists and enthusiasts who are more inclined to nitro RC cars. So, if you are one of them, then you have visited the right page. If you are interested to read about gas RC cars, click here.

How can I make my nitro RC car faster?

As mentioned above, nitro RC cars are already one of the fastest RC cars, but many people can’t help but desire to have a faster one. Here are the most useful things you can do if you want to improve your RC car’s power and speed.

Changing the clutch bell and spur gear

By changing into a giant clutch bell, you will be able to improve your nitro RC car’s speed significantly. On the other hand, transforming into a smaller spur gear is also a great idea. Always remember that when you increase the size of the clutch bell or lower the size of your spur gear, it will also result in a decrease in the low-end response that means it will take longer to achieve its top speed.

Open the carb

Most modern engines nowadays come with carb restrictors that allow you to change or tweak your engine’s horsepower and fuel efficiency. You can make use of the most extensive insert that you have to be able to attain the most horsepower and RPM out of your nitro engine.

Increase percentage of nitro fuel

You can quickly increase your top speed by simply adjusting the percentage of the nitro fuel you are using for your engine. However, you have to remember that as you increase the fuel percentage, you will also need to adjust the head shims under its heat sink accordingly and appropriately. You have to do this since the higher the nitro content, the more shims to install.

Pipe tuning

To increase your speed, you can change the length of your exhaust system and make the distance between the header and tuned pipe much longer. You can also increase your nitro RC car’s engine RPM by using a tuned pipe that is gently tapered.

Upgrade to a bigger engine

You can switch to a bigger engine to up your nitro RC car’s game. But, before getting a new and bigger one, you have to be sure that your remote control vehicle will accommodate the newer and bigger one. Another good way to increase speed is by switching to a high-revving on-road engine with many horsepowers and higher RPM to increase wheel speed.

Reduce rolling resistance

It is always a good idea to check the bearings of your RC car’s tires to make sure that there are no damages that might slow your RC car down. You might want to be ready and stocked up on kit bearings since they are also quite affordable. It is also a good thing to use high-quality bearing since they are more fluid and spin more smoothly, increasing acceleration and speed.

Bigger tires

You can quickly increase top speed by using much bigger tires on your RC car. Basically, the size of the tires is proportionate to the rate that your RC car will be able to achieve. You can also opt for tires with a softer rubber compound since these types of tires will increase in size once your vehicle goes faster as well.

What is the best nitro RC car brand?

Nitro RC cars are known to be the fastest, most realistic, and powerful type of remote-controlled vehicle out there. And you would indeed want to get only the best one there is. The top and best RC car brand there is, and that is readily available in the market are the nitro car models from Redcat Racing and Traxxas. They are very known and reputable brands because of their high-quality remote control vehicles with excellent functionality, realistic designs, and impressive power and speed.

Pros and Cons of nitro-powered RC


  • Nitro-powered RC cars are more realistic because of the smoke and noise produced by the engine, and many RC car enthusiasts appreciate that.
  • You can run as long as you want, just stock up on all the nitro fuel that you need to keep your RC car going.
  • You can practice your mechanical and tuning skills on your nitro RC car.
  • Nitro RC cars are definitely a lot faster than electric or battery-powered RC cars.
  • RC cars that run on fuel-powered engines are more resistant to water in comparison to electric vehicles and battery-operated RC cars.


  • Nitro gas or any gas-powered RC cars can be loud and can produce smoke.
  • Nitro-powered engines may require a lot of skill to break in, tune, and maintain. However, they are not challenging to operate.
  • Higher long-term operational cost.
  • They are not ideal to be used indoors because of smoke and fumes.
  • Nitro RC cars may come at a larger scale.

Fuel for your nitro engine

If you wonder what the best fuel you should use for your nitro engine is, the answer is relatively easy. It is typically best to start with the fuel that is recommended by the manufacturer or brand of your RC car and with the recommended engine setting. Once you get the hang of your RC car’s engine and be familiar with how it works, you can efficiently deal with various nitro blends that may work best for you and your nitro RC car.

Safety precautions

Vehicles or machines with internal combustion engines will definitely need safety considerations since these types of engines will exhaust fumes. Your nitro RC cars indeed have smaller engine sizes; however, that would not mean that there are not enough fumes or smoke that may pose hazards to health. Some people might find the smell and noise emitted by nitro engines to be unpleasant and annoying. Safety precautions are essential when handling a nitro RC car because of the fumes and smoke but mainly because nitromethane is flammable. That is why you must take it seriously and with care. We suggest that you only use your nitro RC cars with adults or other RC car hobbyists who are also familiar with nitro engines for safety.

Final thoughts

We all know how nitro RC cars can both be fun and challenging, and we all love how fast they can go. However, before getting one, you have to be super familiar with how it works and be confident that you will be able to handle it. So, if you have already got a nitro RC car of your own, we are pretty sure that you are already enjoying and having a blast!