How to Change the Frequency on Remote Control Car


If you have recently bought an RC car for use, you may wonder how to change the frequency. It can be tricky if you don’t know how to go about it. We would show you the step by step way you can change the frequency as you wish and like.

What is a Remote Control Car?

Before we begin and get into the main focus, you need to know and grasp what a remote control car is and how it function. A remote control car or vehicle is any car that is operated at a distance or range with the aid of remote control; often said to be a radio control device. Looking to buy a remote-controlled car? Check out the best RC Cars.

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Changing the Frequency on Your RC Car

Let’s discuss the process of how you can change the frequency on your remote control car easily. But first, we need to highlight the components important in changing the frequency of a radio-controlled car.

Radio Control

As the name it suggests is the control from a distance the using a remote. Radio-controlled cars use a common category of components for their manipulation and operation. They require a transmitter, which consists of the joysticks for control and a receiver, which stays inside the vehicle, this receiver then carries out the action transmitted from the control.


A transmitter is an electronic appliance that uses an antenna to produce radio waves. It generates a radio frequency that applies to the antenna. It is a necessary part of all devices that are electronic and communicate by radio.

The transmitter sends out radio signals that are received by the receiver in the car as the controller data.


A receiver an essential component of all systems that use radio, also known as a radio receiver, is an electronic device that receives radio signals and converts the information received into a usable form, this information or data may be in the form of sound, digital data or moving images.

The receiver is located inside the vehicle, and receives radio signals from the transmitter and delivers it to the car’s motor as usable information.

Remote Controlled Motor

It powers the wheels and other moving parts of the RC vehicle

Power Source

It provides energy which drives the motor of the remote-controlled car. A battery often powers remote controls.

Most remote control cars operate on a specific frequency that usually assigned by the proper commission of that state and country. The reason for this frequency length is that in an event the frequency gets changed or adjusted to operate on a different frequency. It can cause serious issues with radio signals of television, wireless radio and other forms of communication not mentioned. Depending on the devices affected by a change in frequency, it can be potentially dangerous.

Ensure it is legal to change frequencies in your locality before proceeding. If you want to change frequencies on a remote control car, it has to be done at both the transmitter and the receiver end so that it can receive and translate signals into useful information correctly.

A few remote control cars come with selectable bands, which means that they operate on several frequencies on a particular range. With this type of band, you should be able to change the car’s given frequency to one of the alternate frequency. As long as it operates on different channels on that particular frequency range, it should not interfere.

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To change the frequency of your remote control car can be rewarding. Although, when you want to carry out the venture you would need to consider other factors that could determine if it would be worthwhile, like your state’s and country’s regulation, if the new frequency that you would be changing to would be better than the one you would change from. However, carrying it out is easy and straightforward because no specialized knowledge is needed. If you wish to know more about RC cars, you can go ahead and read How Radio Controlled Toys Work‘.